Not An Overnight Occurrence or Coincidence

It’s been brewing for a long time, it’s now reached boiling point, and the world is ripe for the trap that is being sprung.

The climate change hoax, Sustainable Development (Agenda 21 upgraded now to Agenda 2030), previous attempts at global panic through HIV AIDS, the SARS virus scare, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Ebola etc. etc. none of these truly took root – but they learned from their mistake.

The mainstream media was not fully on board, it actually questioned a few things. In 2020 with the media now totally in tow – WHAM the trap was sprung! Covid-19 took root and fearmongering spread globally. This was The Cabal’s time to implement what it’s been aiming for. Who is at the forefront of this ‘Great Reset’? Well no other than the man who has been having wet dreams about this day – Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum.

Here is a video from Sky Australia (amazingly) that puts a lot of it together for you:

Indeed, many of us have been warning about this eventuality for a very long time – now it’s on our doorstep.

The NEW World Order.

A central, global government, run by technocrats, and implemented by a global military police force to ensure that we comply and submit ourselves to this tyrannical, fascist style control. Don’t say you weren’t warned – just look around and think deeply – instead of superficially – about what you see.

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