Critical Update

Detailed Data Analysis From Official Sources

Below is a short video presented by Ivor Cummins. It proves without a shadow of a doubt that the so called ‘deadly pandemic’ featuring a supposed ‘new’ disease (Covid-19) was a seasonal virus (often representing itself as what is commonly called a common ‘Winter Virus’ Outbreak). No more deadly than previous seasonal virus outbreaks – in fact, the death figure stats indicate that it was more benign than the virus outbreaks (in the same family of Coronaviruses) seen in 2017/18. If those outbreaks did not necessitate lockdowns that have caused a global economic collapse and ludicrous face mask and social distancing/ isolation measures, then ask yourself why this was necessary in 2020. Why are you so frightened that you are still obeying these idiotic government measures.

It was presented as a non seasonal deadly viral outbreak, i.e. it would go on indefinitely in all regions – unless vaccinated against. This was a blatant lie, as is proved in this video:

You have a simple choice. Go on believing the propaganda and suffer the consequences or wake up and start reversing this planned madness.

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