The Darkest Hour Is Before The Dawn – BGB’s Most Important Post To Date

The Darkest Hour Is Before The Dawn – BGB’s Most Important Post To Date

You Owe It To Yourself, Your Children & All Your Future Descendants

If you don’t view any other videos on this Blog, then this is the one that you need to see.

This video has gone viral (no pun intended), it is also THE video that the censors have been panicking about, because it absolutely shatters the PLANDEMIC hoax that has cast a spell of fear amongst the innocent citizens of the Earth. The truth will always defeat the lies and deceptions of those who have created a monstrous scam, that has almost succeeded in ruining our lives – simply to gain control and to fully enslave all of mankind. They have also gone on record (see the contents of Agenda 21/ 2030) saying that they wish to decrease the present world population of 7.8 billion people down to half a billion (500,000). If you’re still sceptical about that statement, then please read the Agenda 21 Sustainable Development document and click on the ‘Watch Now’ button in the graphic below.

If you still believe what the Cabal – through controlled governments and the mass media – have been telling you,  after seeing this video through, then you will bring the future nightmare on your own head, and the heads of all your future generations. It’s time to sit up and listen to the truth. This is THE most important thing to be involved in right now:

The Awakening

Irish Protest
German Protest

Last Saturday, the 22nd of August 2020, a hugely successful protest against this madness was held in Dublin, Eire. I hope to bring you footage of that that protest shortly. This follows an enormous protests in Berlin a few weeks back, where between one and one and a half MILLION people turned out on the street to protest against this madness.

Spanish Protest

Tomorrow (Saturday the 29th of August 2020) a similar protest in Trafalgar Square, London is scheduled to be held (don’t be surprised if you don’t hear about it on the BBC et al). There will be similar co-ordinated protests held worldwide. The ones already held in other countries like Spain have attracted massive crowds, who have woken up, and are pushing back against this evil.

So for all those lazy thinkers, who don’t see anything that is more than a micron deep in front of their noses, because they don’t do any research, but instead,  just listen to the media fear-mongering propaganda, and who glibly accuse anyone who is highlighting this conspiracy against humankind of being ‘conspiracy theorists’ – check out the number of ‘tin foil hat wearers’ that are making the effort to get off their backsides in order to save YOUR future – please think again.

The Big One Tomorrow – Saturday The 29th of August 2020

This is your opportunity to send a message out to those who wish us harm. If you live in the UK try and get to London by 12 noon.


You can download a copy of the above poster, either get it printed in quantity or print it yourself for local distribution.

Thank you for your support in what is the most awful evil that has befallen the human race in it’s existence to date.

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  1. Another terrific post and a great reminder of the power we have as dissenters to stand united against tyranny. I hope everyone who is able can attend this rally and show solidarity. I would be there if it wasn’t so far away and I had a valid passport. London is world HQ for a lot of evil shenanigans. Anyone doubting this ask yourself why there are literally CTV cameras everywhere? To stick it to the man in his own backyard would send a clear message that we are not going to bow down and do whatever they want. Good luck. Hopefully the atmosphere is very festive and upbeat. I wish you all well there in Great Britain and Ireland. Well everywhere really.

    • Thank you for your kind words Cam.

      We WILL win this war, because a real war it is, on a scale that could justify calling it our Third World War.

      Thank you for all your efforts over there in Canada – every little effort in the right direction, eventually builds up into a huge power. WE have the power, more people need to realise that. The enemy by comparison are tiny in number, the only power they have over us is blind conformity, which is built on a foundation of sand called irrational fear.

      Keep on pushing the message over there, keep on sharing the information and above all else, keep faith that truth and righteousness will eventually win this war against evil for us. It’s far easier to spread truth, than lies, because you have to make sure that you don’t slip up when you lie and deceive. The longer it goes on, the greater the exposure will be. All WE have to do is keep telling the truth and exposing the lies.

      Interesting to note, that they duck any debate, which is a wonderful indicator that they are scared of being defeated with facts and evidence. Even on this Blog, the only comments made are positive, because any negative comments would immediately be obliterated. Dr. Vernon Coleman has repeatedly challenged our illustrious Health Minister – Matt Hancock – to a public debate on mainstream media, only to be ignored by a lily livered, lying scoundrel and the gob-shite talking heads in the mainstream (false) news media.

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