The Three Groups In Society

Of the 100% of the total population:

  1. 20% are enlightened, critical thinkers, who understand exactly what this false pandemic is about, and where it’s designed to lead humanity on a global scale. This group does NOT wear face nappies, we don’t trust what the governments say, because they are the puppets being played by the Cabal. We don’t accept what we are told to do, unless we do the research and ask questions. We think for ourselves.
  2. 50% are blissfully ignorant and sadly, many are stupid. They just accept anything the government tells them, without question. Some feel that there is something wrong, but they have neither the knowledge or the understanding to see that being complicit in this imposed madness, makes them a danger to others, and collaborators of the ones who have brought this catastrophe about.
  3. 30% are hardcore conformists, who don’t believe that their government would ever do anything to harm them. Their only source of information is the mainstream (false) media. They refuse to even look at the problem. Anyone who dares suggest that there is an agenda behind this are immediately labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’. The ones that do the accusing refuse to do any research, they are incapable of using their own intelligence and they are generally lazy thinkers. It’s easier to call someone a conspiracy theorist, rather than do some unbiased research, and then debate the issues.

It is a waste of time trying to wake the 30% up. Most are a lost cause. From among the 50% there are many who would stop and think – if the correct information was put in front of them. Many are open minded – just conditioned to think the way they do. There is hope for these. It only takes a small number of the 50% group to wake up and join the 20% group, then the majority of the UK’s population would become enlightened. This incredible madness could be swept away in a very short time – through peaceful social disobedience – if the people revolted against this taking away of their freedoms and basic human rights. All they need to do is apply themselves to a little bit of personal research. The truth would then be revealed to them.

Blind Obedience

The Government has decreed that people should wear masks (face nappies). There are dangers involved in this, especially for people with underlying respiratory problems, those dangers are well documented. Now that begs the question:

Did the Government Do a Health and Safety Assessment?

Many don’t realise that there are no laws being broken, when the people refuse to follow the ‘guidelines’. The instructions do not carry the weight of the law, because no specific laws have been placed on the Statute Book and no Act (apart from the hurried Coronavirus Act 2020, which was fast tracked through parliament one Monday afternoon, without consultation, amendments or discussion, followed by a vote by all parliament members), so apart from the general Act no others have received Royal Ascent. So even the validity of the Coronavirus Act 2020 is questioned for the reasons set out above.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment

As there is positive evidence that face masks can cause hypoxia and hypercapnia if worn over a prolonged period. So if there is a risk to the individual’s health, through wearing a mask, then the government was obliged to do a health and safety assessment. They have failed to do so. Therefore they are in breach of their own laws.

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