If you view the above video after the end of the live stream, just move the slider to the start of the recording to view it again from the start

Here’s A Glimpse Of What Was Going On In Berlin At The Same Time . . .


The City of Berlin had banned the demonstration earlier this week after protesters at a recent rally failed to wear masks or keep their distance. But, that decision was overturned in court, allowing the demonstration to go ahead.

We all know that this phantom virus can distinguish which protests to strike – had this been a BLM protest there would have been no problem of course!

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s Contribution To The London Protest Rally

We were supposed to be treated to a big screen display of Dr. Coleman’s (The Old Man In A Chair) address to the crowd. It was supposed to be driven in and broadcast from a vehicle, Sadly it never made it. Not really surprising, the rally was treated to the incessant noise of police helicopters overhead, that I believe was intended to drown out the sound system. Police car sirens were wailing up and down the nearby streets. Then an address to the crowd from across the Atlantic by Senator Dr. Scott Jensen was suddenly cut off as he started his speech, we were then told the protest rally had suffered a power cut – how convenient. It must all have been a string of coincidences. You decide, when most conformists are faced with the evidence of a conspiracy the retort is usually “just a coincidence”.

However we will NOT be defeated so easily – here is a BGB reproduction of the speech that was recorded by Dr. Coleman:

Something In The Air . . . ?

With signs of a grand awakening I definitely feel there’s something in the air . . .

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