Are The Majority Of People Stupid?

Most people are NOT stupid all of the time. They pretty much (as a group) always act rationally given the FACTS they know, many of which are based on blatant lies, fed to us via the establishment’s education system. It is then fortified by the governments and their propaganda mouthpieces – the corrupted mainstream mass media owned and managed by a handful of Cabal henchmen. Many also receive funding from sources like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the BBC receives 53 million from that very Foundation). Its just that people often only know false facts and from false facts, anything can follow.

Its better not to look down on people who seem stupid, and instead, see that they are just missing some knowledge/ insight. People are not inherently stupid – the opposite is the case, although there are some exceptions obviously. What has happened is that the mass stupidity and stupid actions of some we see around us, has been manufactured by those ‘controllers’ whose goal it is to totally control and enclave us – we’ve arrived at the gates of the end game in 2020. As an example, the ‘stupid’ people who go around wearing face masks and standing two metres apart, do so, not because they are inherently stupid, but because they are operating within a mental field – a perception of reality – that they have been conditioned and duped into hearing, and seeing, and then believing, that it IS reality.

Undoing The Conditioning

The problem arises when you try and undo all of this conditioning and the believing of lies that people have been fed – amazingly from institutions that people know (and concede), that they have been lied to by their rulers in the past. But because of the strength of the conditioning from birth. People have lost touch with true reality and find it almost impossible to disbelieve the lies they have been fed. It takes a lot of time and patience to re programme such people.Some re-programme themselves, if they are those from within the 20% in the population who are naturally open minded, curious, question everything and come to conclusions based on the knowledge of reality that they have gleaned from diligent study and research of their own. The remaining 50% are not of that type (the other ‘missing’ 30% are not included in that figure, because they are a lost cause unfortunately, and will never be enlightened to what is happening around them, regardless of how much evidence and facts are placed before them). From amongst the 50% innocent ‘fence sitters’,  they have to be convinced by others, who are already awakened to what is happening. That is what this blog is all about.

Who Trusts Governments?

There are two types of people who trust governments.

  1. The knowledge ignorant and/ or
  2. The genuinely stupid.

The massive player in this is not stupidity though, (that expression should only be used to describe the actions of people i.e ‘stupid’ actions), Ignorance is the KEY player. Keep someone in darkness from the minute they’re born and tell them that the Sun does not exist. Then, when they later meet someone who tells them that there is light as well as darkness and a Sun exists that provides that light and warmth, they simply will not believe it at first, because they are totally reliant on false facts that they have had inculcated into their brains, and they base their conclusions on the only facts they have heard. That does not make them stupid. Their belief and actions however, ARE stupid, but it is based on false information they have been fed. Their reality is a PERCEIVED reality that is the product of a contaminated mind.

The Fear Factor

Whilst ignorance is a key factor, the most important factor is FEAR in this game of false reality brainwashing. Fear is the glue that holds together the false narrative. Fear is a practical survival mechanism. If our ancestors heard the growl of a Sabre Toothed Tiger – they all ran together, without applying any thought to why they ran or in which direction. That was because the reptilian part of the brain (the amygdala) involved in fight or flight responses had automatically kicked in, through the endocrine system – which uses hormones to control and coordinate your body’s internal metabolic system.

Common Fear Triggers:

  • Imminent death
  • Disease
  • Physical attack
  • War
  • Terrorist attack

All of the above are the very well known fear triggers, used incessantly by governments, who in turn are directed by technocrats doing the bidding of the Cabal. It serves a very specific purpose. It makes people ultra compliant, controllable and it allows new laws and directives to be brought in – without public consent – because a great swathe of the indoctrinated people will experience their reptile brain kicking in. They react accordingly, in illogical fear and blind panic. They will go along with anything that they think will preserve their life. The number one fear being the loss of survival – i.e. death.

The man made climate change induced fear, and the latest Covid-19 pandemic puts people in this frame of mind, which is almost hypnotic. The powers in control then set about their job.

How To Overcome This Irrational Fear Response Over a Hoax

Please watch the following video, originally recorded by Maxwell Igan. It will help you understand what has happened to you, your current thought processes and how you can escape the prison of fear with invisible bars that we do not see. The only people who have been saved from such fears are indigenous tribes who still have vestiges of the true reality alive in their cultures. They also happen to be the ones under genocidal attack around the world – and have been for a long time – do you ever wonder why?

It is because knowledge of a past era or unadulterated knowledge from that era, that can be passed on, is a direct challenge and a danger to the lies and false reality projected by the Cabal in order to guide the world’s population into the prison they have planned for them.. This is important to those who wish to have you totally conform to the New World Order system that has already been officially launched in October 2019. We can now start to see the bars of the self imposed psychological prison that we are being increasingly held captive in.

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