Support The Protests Against The Hoax Virus Lockdown & Loss Of Rights

Support The Protests Against The Hoax Virus Lockdown & Loss Of Rights

If You Feel Strongly About The Disproportionate Tyranny That’s Been Imposed Upon You – Here’s Your Chance To Protest About It

Background To The Pushback

That is the reason for co-ordinated demonstrations worldwide. Below is further information about the latest protests that are taking place across the UK.

Saturday, September 18th 2021 – 12pm – Worldwide Rally for Freedom 4.0

Unite for Freedom – GLOBAL 

BGB is once again teaming up with our brothers at The White Rose to bring you live coverage of this event.

BGB will not be live streaming this most recent event personally in-house, but we are currently working on providing our own live coverage in the future, so that we can independently provide footage directly from the events via our most recent channel at Rumble (that should provide greater protection from censorship). This is a work in progress. To accomplish that we hope to have our own video correspondent who is already ready to go and chomping at the bit! We just need to kit him out and put the server technology in place (whoever is in charge of time – can I order some more hours in the day please?!) – more info about our latest project later. In the meantime we’ll carry on working with The White Rose.

If there are any potential donors out there who would like to help fund us with this latest project (we don’t have a begging bowl, all our work is purely voluntary and we do not ask for monetary support from anyone, and we are not interested in making our efforts a financial gain; but for a specific project like this, we will not refuse a bit of monetary support – once our costs are met, any remaining donations will be returned to any donors). If you want to help, then please get in touch by clicking HERE

Get ready for the next big protest!

This coming Saturday, 18 September, 12pm Worldwide Rally for Freedom 4.0

UK and Ireland, London, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Norwich, Bristol, Glasgow, Hull, Scarborough, Birmingham . . . .

No Vax Mandates, No Health Passports, No Restrictions

Details for the exact location in London will appear here from Friday evening (17th of September)

If you can’t make it to the protest, follow the live stream here on this page, from Saturday midday.


Livestream, London

Livestream, Holland

Livestream, Ireland

Livestream, Berlin

Livestream, Cardiff

Livestream, Sweden

More streams of this worldwide protests

Saturday, 28 August 2021, 1pm,

Unite for Freedom – LONDON

BGB is currently in ‘tick-over’ mode – we’re taking a little break before getting back into the saddle next month.

As we approach the autumn/ winter (traditional ‘flu season’) we anticipate a lot of propaganda activity during the next few months, phantom variant scare news, severe lockdown directives, increased coercion to get vaccinated and everything else bar the kitchen sink that will be hurled at us. So we’re recharging our batteries in preparedness for the next onslaught!

Although in tick-over mode, we feel it’s important to get certain information out to our faithful subscribers and followers. That includes the latest ‘Unite For Freedom‘ rally that is scheduled to take place tomorrow in London.

We will not be live streaming the event as we usually do, but our friends at The White Rose will, so head over there tomorrow to view the event – if you can’t make it to London in person.

Unite For Freedom – Can we make it 2 million+ this time?!

Details on the exact location usually follow shortly before the event (the evening before). Check for updates here.

Live coverage should be available on this page from tomorrow (Aug. 28th 2021).

Print out leaflets for distribution: End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now!

Saturday the 24th of July 2021

Worldwide Rally for Freedom

3.0, LONDON (joined by Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Tess Lawrie, David Icke, Gareth Icke, and others; musical performances by D Jukes and Justyna Walker). Meet at TRAFALGAR SQUARE, 1pm. After the speeches there will be a march.

There will also be protests at the following venues:

  • HULL,
  • GLASGOW (Glasgow Green at the Olympic Monument),
  • LEEDS,
  • JERSEY and across the world!

Live footage of the London protest is now being streamed live below:

The above live stream has now obviously expired. I hope you managed to catch it whilst it was being broadcast.

However below is a video of Dr. Reiner Fullmich’s address to the crowd during the rally yesterday (Sat. 24th of July 20121).

Snippets From Other Countries On The Same Day:



New Zealand:

PREVIOUS PROTESTS (latest first)

Well – I Hope You Enjoyed The Hugely Successful ‘Unite For Freedom’ Rally last Saturday (26-06-2021)

If you managed to make it to London and took part – great. If you watched the footage in the live stream that I put up on this page last Saturday, I hope you enjoyed that too. However that was the worm’s eye view of the event. How about seeing what it looked from a bird’s eye view? Well you’ll be pleased to discover that we (those on the critical thinkers section of the pitch) had ‘An Eye In The Sky’ last Saturday!

Here’s the footage below (prepare to be awe struck – when you see how many people turned out). But the most amazing thing of all – not a whisper on the mainstream media (MSM)! Isn’t that truly amazing? It wouldn’t have anything to do with news blackouts, censorship and fear of the truth getting out could it? It seems they’ve given up with the line:

Hundreds of conspiracy theorists met up to hold a march in London”.

(BBC some months back)

It was absurd and ludicrous at the time – and a lie – tens of thousands turned up. Now that we are turning out in hundreds of thousands and over a million at times, calling us all ‘conspiracy theorists’ really is a bit silly! So what do they do instead? They try and ignore us with news blackouts, but as our ranks swell and the awakening continues, they will soon run out of wiggle room.

I suggest it’s time for us to start legally cancelling our TV licences when it comes to the British Bullshit Corporation. Why should we pay for government false news propaganda?

Be patient – it starts off slowly as people gather, but after the 11 minute mark it’ll really dawn on you how big this march really was. So, enjoy the aerial footage . . . .

Big Rally In London – Saturday 26th June, 2021

Try To Be There . . . 

Unite For Freedom

26 June, 1 pm, London

Medical Freedom Rally – No Vax Passports, No Vax for Children, Central London
Exact place to be announced…

Get leaflets for the event from our friends at the White Rose site: End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now!

BGB will try to live stream the event – depending on the level of censorship faced on the day. Please check back here after 1pm to see the live stream (if available)

Live Stream:


Try To Be There . . . 

This is a ‘heads up’ for the big protest this weekend in London (May 29th 2021)

We’ll try to get some live streams set-up for the day, but can’t promise (censorship is intense at the moment). If managed it will be displayed just below.

Subject Access Stream:


Ruptly Stream:


The information below is for those who are going to the rally, that have contacted me, asking for details of time and accurate location for the rally. This information is kept low key – because to forewarn the authorities is to forearm them.

Enjoy your day out fighting for the freedoms of all of us.


World Wide Demonstration 20th of March 2021

You Are Not Alone:


A Silent Protest Against COVID In Berlin Today

Saturday (20-02-2021)

In order not to give the police an excuse to disrupt, most are adhering to the lockdown rules (masks etc.). so they cannot be accused of inciting a response from the ,Storm Troopers’.

Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise

The noise you hear are disrupters of the silent protest – the hypnotised ‘Statists’ who are the main culprits in keeping this lockdown madness going – SHAME ON THEM! Perhaps they’ll wake up when things get really bad and they have no food, no schools, no jobs and are full of a debilitating experimental concoction that they have allowed to be injected into them. They need to be pitied for allowing themselves to be guinea pigs and lab rats. Dealing with closed minds is so difficult.


Protest Against COVID restrictions in Vienna Today

Saturday (13-02-2021)

LIVE: Demonstrators protest COVID restrictions at German/Austrian border Saturday (06-02-2021)

LIVE: Protest London

Saturday (19-12-2020)

LIVE: Anti lockdown Protest Manchester 

Saturday (12-12-2020)

LIVE: Anti lockdown Protest Birmingham 

Saturday (05-12-2020)

LIVE: Anti lockdown Protest London 

Saturday (28-11-2020)

LIVE: Protest Bristol –

Saturday (14-11-2020)

LIVE: Anti lockdown protest Hull – Saturday (07-11-2020)

LIVE: Protests Against Coronavirus Lockdown in Leipzig, Germany. Saturday (07-11-2020)

LIVE: Million Mask March In Trafalgar Square Wednesday (05-11-2020)


 Freedom Protesters denounce Lockdown rules Today in Birmingham (31-10-2020)

Meanwhile in Barcelona Today (31-10-2020):


LIVE: Protest Broadcast Against The Covid-19 Hoax Pandemic Lockdown TODAY In London (24-10-2020)

Well it looks as if the establishment’s propaganda poodles have pulled the plug on the RUPTLY live broadcast in mid stream. You’re doing a fine job of exposing your role as the government’s censors You Tube! But you’ll NEVER stop the truth from getting out. Not to be beaten here’s another live stream from BGB via Sputnik:

Now, just under an hour and a half into the Sputnik live broadcast sound has been lost! Coincidence? Maybe, but coincidences are rare. So here’s yet another live stream – let’s see how long this one lasts . . .

Our Brothers In Berlin

Sunday October 25th 2020

Covid-related Austerity Protest Hits London (17-10-2020)

A Previous Prompt Below About a Past Protest By Kate Shemirani:

People are waking up everywhere, to the scam that’s been perpetrated on them. A seasonal (Corona) flu-like  virus, that has killed less people globally than previous flu viruses, was depicted as a ‘new’ DEADLY virus that would kill a huge swathe of people all over the globe.

It was hyped up as a ‘Pandemic’ by the World Health Organisation. It has been proven, without question, that this was a planned hoax, designed to frighten and panic people into a situation where they allowed their basic rights and freedoms to be taken away – for absolutely NO reason. As time progresses what has happened is becoming clear to more and more people.

The whole health structure of the world has been monopolised by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – the current biggest private funder of the W.H.O. and soon to be the biggest funder altogether, if the US withdraws it’s funding – as it has threatened to do, because of evidence of corruption and manipulation.

The response by the governments has been to follow their medical ‘expert’ advisors, who are also closely connected to the W.H.O. and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This has resulted in the economic collapse of the world economy, the loss of small and medium sized companies and the massive loss of jobs for ordinary men and women. Make no mistake – this was a carefully and thoroughly planned coup d’état. It has horrific consequences as food shortages, and starvation takes hold in the fullness of time.

Demand Your Rights Back And Demonstrate That Not Everyone Has Been Duped

In Berlin, Germany, we recently saw approximately one to one and a half MILLION people out on the streets in an organised protest against this crime against humanity.

You have an opportunity to do the same. Send a message to your government and fellow citizens that many of us are wide awake, and working hard to get our freedoms and basic human rights back.

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