The New World Order is Already Launched

Some Heeded The Warnings – Most Didn’t

For decades, many of us have been warning about the establishment of a New World Order. The writing was on the wall way back in 1920 (exactly a century before the final phase of the United Nations (UN) directed New World Order launch (exactly 100 years later – they love symbolism don’t they?).

The UN was the follow up to the League of Nations LON which was an international organisation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, created after the First World War to provide a forum, supposedly, for resolving international disputes (itself a scam – it’s real purpose was far more sinister). Though first proposed by President Woodrow Wilson as part of his Fourteen Points plan for an equitable peace in Europe, the United States never became a member.

This was the start of the journey that took us from the LON to the establishment of the UN. A myriad of politicians have regularly said that global problems need global governance. One of the most outspoken, and a big supporter of the development of a New World Order was Gordon Brown:

He made that speech in May 2007 – another interesting date directly before the great economic collapse – the coming of that period would have been very well known to him, following his trips to the Bilderberg Group meetings to which he was regularly invited. During his time as the Prime Minister of the UK. He kept on referring to this dream conjured up by the elites and controlled by the Cabal.  He’s hysterical about the break-up of the UK (the less sovereign countries the better), and even more angry about the recent ‘Brexit’ episode – it goes directly opposite to his dream of a global government with no borders or individual countries. No more needs to be said. Check out the Bilderberg Group – it’s an eye opener.

Regions First Later The Whole Globe

The mechanisms to be used to form the NWO was the establishment of regions. The most prominent was the European Union (EU). Which went a long way towards dissolving the national sovereignty of member nations, removing borders and setting up a system of technocracy. An artificial government was set-up to rule all the EU member countries in Europe, via a bureaucratic system, where unelected technocrats made decisions that were passed in the European Government, without ANY consultation with the electorate or approval of the people who were supposedly living in a democratic society in various countries. This was the template for a global system run on the same lines as the EU, but more akin to the totalitarian system in force in China. With a single, tyrannical dictatorship that could not be removed. The NWO would have a single military police force to physically exact the wishes of those in control over all the Earth and it’s human inhabitants (check out Agenda 21/ 2030 below)


You can clearly see what the plan is for the world – with a targeted eventual population of just half a billion – (500,000) from the current 7.8 billion – now, how do you think they propose to accomplish that? The clue is RNA/DNA human gene modifying, (compulsory vaccination).

The plan took a big blow when the UK’s electorate voted to leave the EU. The anger and frustration was palpable. Both from the UK government, European ministers, the media and the elites. However it came about, and it’s hindered the progress of the agenda of the Cabal. So the plan to unite regions set-up like the EU, who would at some point merge to form the one world government went a little off course .

NWO When?

It was launched right under our noses, in October 2019 in Wu-Han, China (see the video below). A few weeks later we were hoodwinked into believing that a killer virus was on the loose, ironically supposed to have started in Wu-Han (they don’t have much creative or original thinking this Cabal). Fear and panic ensued, and the Cabal, with some of it’s foremost henchmen, including Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, our own Professors Witty and Ferguson and many other strategically planted technocrats (the ‘experts’) spread across the governments of the world. In stepped the Nazi-like Storm-troopers in the guise of saving us all from a hoax pandemic. The rest is history.

We have been warning about this (at the risk of being ridiculed by the gullible public) for more years than I can remember. Now it has finally arrived – welcome to the New World Order (the new normal), which is starting to take it’s faltering steps towards global control. It’s Trojan Horse was a make believe new corona virus, which causes the Covid-19 disease, which is as benign and inept at killing people as a weak winter flu outbreak. Nevertheless the World Health Organisation (WHO) has been the central general command HQ in this battle, issuing directives and orders to the governments of the world, hence the co-ordinated lockdown, house arrests and draconian health instructions that involves actions similar to those used to psychologically torture prisoners of war.

The following video originally recorded by Dave Cullen and reproduced by BGB gives an intriguing insight into what is written above (especially at the 30 minute mark) :

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  1. cam

    Great to hear more people are reading your absolute treasure of a blog site. It has enlightened me and provided me with a great sense of community and hope for a brighter future. It would be nice to hear from more people in the comments section but I understand that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Solidarity in trying times is important I feel. Good stuff to all who are trying to openly discuss what is really happening in the world today.

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