Would You Accept An Untested Vaccine That Could Genetically Modify Your DNA?

Would You Accept An Untested Vaccine That Could Genetically Modify Your DNA?

Part 1 – Electroporation Vaccination Explained

Dr. Andrew Kaufman – in an interview with Spiro Skouras – explains how electroporation works. This method introduces foreign DNA/ RNA material directly into your cells. This is the method used to genetically modify organisms. The resultant genes are then carried into the DNA of all your future generations.

Part 2 – Exposes Fact Checking Sites

These sites target information sites that give accurate and truthful (fact and evidence based) information which goes contrary to the propaganda promoted by the establishment, to reduce traffic, by misrepresentation of the content, and by inaccurate dissemination of the content of the sites targeted.

However there are some clowns, who do put spurious and inaccurate information out on social media. All genuine researchers should be aware of that, and double check everything they come across. They may do it in good faith, but that puts them in the same category as the mainstream (false) news media. Two ‘wrongs’ don’t make a ‘right’. The problem is that good and proper sites get a bad name, because of the antics of a few. Diligent and accurate research is too important a task, to be swept to one side by the dodgy fact sites, and the equally sunreliable ‘fact checking site’. Who checks the ‘fact checkers’ anyway?

Dr. Kaufman demolishes the attempt by Reuters Fact Checking site to discredit what he has published previously.



Latest News On Vaccination development

I heard on the news ecently (take it with a shovelful of salt – it came from the BBC, and had their considerable spin put on it), that Oxford University and Imperial College London (the discredited establishment that projected inaccurate computer model calculations that resulted in the draconian measures to shut down their own countries, introduced by the UK and the USA in the wake of the trumped up Covid-19 ‘scamdemic’ scare and false figures). Both of the above educational establishments have now started trial tests on innocent and ignorant volunteers. According to the MSM news, Oxford has already inoculated 300 volunteers. They and Imperial College, expect trials to continue with a further 1,000 human laboratory guinea pigs in the second phase of testing.

Consider the facts:

  1.  Introduction of DNA/ RNA genetic material for the purpose of triggering an immune system response has NEVER been attempted before in humans. It is Russian Roulette on a global scale.
  2. The process permanently alters the genetic makeup of the recipients of the vaccine, (think GMO),  which means that those modifications will be carried through in the DNA of all future generations of the ones that receive the treatment.
  3. Do you know exactly what is in the vaccination? Past independent analysis has shown that vaccines have included such substances as Mercury, Aluminium and Formaldehyde – some of the most lethal substances known to man. Why? These substances were not divulged in the list of compounds that the vaccines contained. Again, why? Don’t you smell a rat?
  4. This new vaccine technology has not followed the usual safety guidelines for new vaccines – which usually takes a minimum of about five years. This  has short-circuited all the normal protocols. There is no logical valid reason for this, as the Covid-19 ‘virus’ is proven to be particularly benign (independent calculations indicate an overall death rate of 0.1 percent at most). This is in line with the expected deaths from annual flu pathogens, and less than in the 2017/8 outbreak, which was more deadly than usual. 99% of those that have supposedly died of Covid-19 are over 80 years of age and the majority of those had death threatening health conditions already apparent, of which they may have died of anyway. These figures were released by Italy – one of the worst hit countries.
  5. When this type of vaccine process has been used experimentally on other animal species, the effects have been devastating, causing the deaths of many animals instantly, others suffered a similar fate at varying time scales. ALL animals were affected in this way. Do you expect the effects to be different in humans?
  6. The pharmaceutical companies have managed to get governments to waiver any liability, in future damage cases, where people are maimed or die as a result of the vaccination. Does that not set off alarm bells in your brain?

I feel particularly sorry for those who have innocently volunteered to be the guinea pigs. They are well meaning, but under educated about what they are going to embark on. They believe they are taking part in some critical humanitarian project. This is proof positive of how deeply ingrained the psychological conditioning has been. Coupled with fear of death and ignorance, thanks to our education system,  it is a recipe for a planned disaster of massive proportions on the human race.

Read more detailed info on what you should know about communicable diseases

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