Now Why Should They Want To Bury This Information? Especially In The Realm Of False Pandemics.

In this essential video interview below, the brilliant and courageous Dr. Sherri Tenpenny lays out the irrefutable facts about the dangers posed by the mandatory vaxing agenda.

Find out why Dr Tenpenny has spent 40,000 hours over the past 20 years researching the problems caused by injecting up to 200 hundred chemicals per shot into the human body, along with the vaccine-viruses which cause the very illness they are supposed to prevent.

Dr Tenpenny also discusses the horrifying fact that 6,000 children died in a recent vaxing trial in the Philippines.

And now they want to outlaw ANYONE who asks questions, or refutes this ‘must have’ vaccine propaganda. Anything to do with Billions of pounds for Big Pharma one wonders? Whilst they cull the earth’s population in accordance with the aims of Agenda 2030 and as clearly suggested and gone on record by the likes of Bill Gates, who comes from a family of eugenicists.

Here is more information from a post published on BGB on the 30th of June this year:

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Here’s the key video clip from that post:

If you want to queue up for an untested vaccine, that has sinister ties with the Cabal – after researching the facts – then carry on, but be warned, there will be no going back.

When making your mind up consider that 99.04% (based on official current statistics) of people who contract this supposed ‘deadly’ virus recover completely or never experience any symptoms. And you need a vaccine for it? So our own immune system, that has protected humans for tens of thousands of years is suddenly invalid.


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