Perspective Is Not Always Truth

Our perspective on this phantom, hoax pandemic has been formed from what we have been told to us by the mainstream media, based on what the government has said, which in turn was given to the government by their advisors. The advisors in turn will always say what suits them – often linked to money, grants and donations. “He who pays the fiddler calls the tune”. The same applies to the so-called ‘consensus’ of scientists that support the theory of man-made global warming based on CO2 emissions. Also behind that scam is the Cabal.

This whole pandemic scare was hatched from a source that controls that chain in totality. At the heart of it was the W.H.O. (World health Organisation). The biggest funder of the W.H.O. is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The same Foundation funds Imperial College London (ICL). The UK’s chief medical officer who advised the UK government was Prof. Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London. The ICL has received £79,000,000 this year alone from the Gates Foundation). Who’s line do you think Ferguson would feed to the government? The same applies to other key advisors – Dr. Anthony Fauci (US government chief advisor) being a prime example. Fauci is tied in directly to Bill Gates and the W.H.O. In fact all roads seem to lead to Gates and his phoney Foundation. There is currently an investigation into Fauci’s entanglement with Gates, the W.H.O. and funds that were misappropriated to maintain biolab experiments at Wuhan. As a result, the US government is suspending any more donations to the W.H.O.

All Roads Lead To Bill Gates and His Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates is the prime motivator in this hoax pandemic scare. He in turn is controlled by a Cabal that dictates what happens across the globe, and who have openly shown that their agenda is total control of the human race, when they are eventually connected to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read Agenda 21/ 2030. It should – at this point – be noted that Gates is an eugenicist from a whole family of eugenicists – you should bear that in mind when you read in the Agenda 21/ 2030, that the goal in black and white in that document, is to reduce the world population of nearly 8 BILLION down to 500 million. Now how can that be achieved?  Gates is viewed by many as a psychopathic megalomaniac, he qualified for that tag by some observers, who witnessed his actions in the past as the owner of Microsoft. He also has deep involvement with the Big Pharma industry and has huge amounts of money invested in them.

This is the web of evil that has coloured our perspective regarding this hoax pandemic.

Thankfully, there are experts, who are on the top rung of the academic ladder of the medical field. These are coming out of the shadows to combat the perspective that has been created for us by the Cabal.

These principled and conscientious experts are now challenging the perspective with pure unadulterated TRUTH. That truth is based on facts and evidence. Most of them are not monetarily obliged, so they have no vested interest in deceiving people – unlike those who are the stooges of the Cabal.

Professor Knut Wittkowski is one of those experts. His pedigree is impeccable, and he is known as a world leading authority in the epidemiological area of his expertise.

Here Is A Video Of an Interview With Prof. Wittkowski.

It’s impact is equal to other interviews published on this blog featuring Judy A. Micovits PhD, Prof. Dolores Cahill and others. They are all saying exactly the same thing – because they are telling the truth, that needs to be made available to the public at large.

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