Do You Recognise Yourself or Someone You Know From The Video Below?

If you don’t, then here’s a clue, the masses are represented by the guy painted blue!

This is quite a humourous, satirical video, but it hammers home the reason why we find ourselves in this ‘Plannedemic’ mess.

We have been groomed to accept what the mainstream media tells us. Our personal perceptions have been engineered, so that we trust, accept and obey what we are told by authority. That might be fine, if those powers that control us have our welfare at heart  at all times. BUT, think how devastating this mindset can be, if those that pipe the information into our minds, through our eyes and ears have turned rogue. that brings us to a totally different conclusion.

Oh they wouldn’t do that! ” OH YES THEY WOULD. When reports were coming out of Germany during the second world war, that people were being gassed and their bodies incinerated in giant kilns, the response was overwhelmingly “Oh they wouldn’t do that! ” OH YES THEY WOULD – AND THEY DID.

When the powers in control are evil and have an agenda, they can do more than go rogue in one state. The whole world has been taken over and controlled by a tiny number of people with vast wealth, huge control and unlimited influence, they control governments. During this period of madness the policies implemented by various governments have been dictated to them by recommendation of the  World Health Organisation (W.H.O.). The W.H.O. is virtually owned, and totally controlled by one man and his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The advice comes from a single source. The politicians are clueless and ignorant, they depend totally on their ‘advisors’. Those advisors are in the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies, the W.H.O. and the evil and despicable psychopath that runs the Foundation mentioned above.

To make it all work in a lock-step by many countries you need mainstream media compliance. The world’s MSM is owned and controlled by about half a dozen extremely rich and influential owners, who are the henchmen of the Cabal. All the roads lead back to the same place.

The final part in the jig-saw is a compliant and gullible population, who have been groomed, hypnotised, to believe everything they see and hear from the ‘official’ sources.

Now enjoy the video:

All Is Not Lost

Thankfully, scientists and Drs. who are at the apex of their profession are coming out of the woodwork. Some are risking their careers to put things right, by educating others about this horrendous scam. Based on facts and knowledge they are trying to push back this audacious move by the Cabal, to gain total control of a vastly reduced population, following the latter part of the plan to cull the world’s population down to 500 million – please don’t take my word for it – research the publicly available Agenda 21 document, now referred to as Agenda 2030 document. Contrived and written after the Sustainable Development Summit held in Rio De Janeiro  in 1992. I will guarantee, if you read that document you will see clearly what is being rolled out here. The plan to cullf the Earth’s population is contained in that document, and the figure of 500 million (half a billion) is there in black and white.

Bill Gates said openly in a TED talk (and during many other interviews lately) that he believes the population of the earth has to be brought down, and that could be done by vaccination. Today he tells us that EVERY person on earth has to be vaccinated before we can get rid of this (hoax) COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you are a Blue Pill Person, surely you can work that one out!


London protest May 2020

Not everyone is a Sheeple – there are people who can think for themselves out there. Increasingly we are seeing protests organised to challenge the madness unfolding before our eyes. One such protest was held in London recently, where Piers Corbyn a respected and intelligent academic, who has also been exposing the fear-mongering about man-made climate change for many years was arrested. He is a climatologist, and certainly does not fit the ‘nutter conspiracy theorist’ label. For those wondering about the surname  – yes, he is Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother. Piers was arrested for taking part in the protest, well actually for speaking at the gathering (the right to free speech is now banned totally). Others in Melbourne Australia have been doing the same, and getting the same treatment from the militarised police force. The same across America, and the Yellow Vests in France are still protesting – despite these totalitarian Nazi style lockdowns.

What have they got in common? Well apart from the obvious, there have been virtually no reports about the protests in the MSM, with tiny exceptions, where these events have been reported by a small handful of independent papers published on line. Add to that the draconian measures taken by the likes of You Tube and Facebook to censor anyone who publishes anything that remotely resembles the truth, and goes against the official line, then you should start to get the picture. Coincidence? Coincidence is the lazy thinker’s excuse not to do study and research into these things.

As I said earlier, all roads lead back to the same place. Follow the string from You Tube and Facebook, and you’ll land up in the same place. Big ‘coincidence’ that!

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