Annoying Little Habits

The Labour controlled Welsh Government have annoying little habits when it comes to Freedom Of Information Requests. It could be argued that it’s just a lack of manners, or possibly an irritating little thing that’s designed to put people off making such requests.

It seems that they are not in the habit of not acknowledging when a F.O.I. request has been posted to them electronically. This of course may just be sloppiness and a lack of professionalism, when it comes to the set-up of their systems.

Whatever the reason, one of the blog’s regular contributors, has seen fit to take this issue up with the head honcho at Cardiff Bay’s Ivory Tower – The Right Honourable Mark Drakeford A.M. It comes in the wake of F.O.I. requests made recently regarding where the Welsh Government receives it’s advice regarding this hoax pandemic.

Here is a PDF copy of the letter that has been sent to our First Minister:


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