The General Consensus

A wonderful word ‘consensus’, it conveys power and authority, and trumps any other view on the subject matter at a given time. However consensus is not always the truth. There was once a huge consensus that the earth was flat, and that all heavenly bodies revolved around the earth, implying that the whole universe surrounded our little watery planet! In other words, we were the centre of the universe, created by God and everything else moved around it. This of course, in time, was proven to be a ludicrous nonsense, BUT at that time, it was the teaching of the Church (basically the ruling power at the time in the ‘Old World’), and was implemented under threat of heresy if anything different was suggested. Heresy, if proven, often meant a torturous death for any dissenters of the commonly held belief. That was the ‘consensus’.

The Application of Consensus

As with the above example, consensus is maintained by control. In other words, we are repeatedly told that there is a ‘consensus’. That is conveyed to us by the source of most people’s knowledge and understanding of what is going on around us – the mainstream media (MSM). This applies to the man-made climate change myth. We are incessantly reminded that CO2 is the main culprit, which in actuality is a life giving gas – without it life would cease to exist – but it is portrayed as a poisonous gas! The levels of CO2 currently in the atmosphere (all blamed on man’s activity) is about 400 particles per million of the total atmosphere of the earth, an accepted fact on both sides of the argument. In the past, when life was more varied, and plant life especially, more lush, the CO2 content was far greater than now, by a factor of many thousands. Core samples from the earth – going back millennia – indicates that at past points in history, the CO2 content was as much as 8,000 parts per million. Did the earth burn up? Did life become extinct? No – and the same applies now. Proper experts predict that when the saturation level drops to below 150 parts per million, THEN life will cease to exist. The other real killers in the atmosphere are pollutants – like the aluminium particles and other nasty health threatening compounds poured out wilfully from aeroplanes nd observed as chemtrails.

This is not an article on climate change though, but there are parallels, in the way the ‘consensus’ is supposedly arrived at, and then the misinformation is pumped out, until those who do no research of their own believe it. That is exactly what has happened with this hoax pandemic. Facts are either hidden, or inverted/ corrupted.

Why Do Certain Scientists and Experts Go Along With The Consensus?

It usually boils down to money. More often than not, by way of grants for research by universities, or salaries employees receive from funding and grants, losing their income source for saying the wrong thing is a risk for these people. If you go with the flow, you maintain what you have. Go against it and you lose your job, professional credibility, and you become an outcast, whose voice is never again heard – quite an incentive to form part of the ‘consensus’.  The turning of a blind eye to facts and evidence, and the watering down of your principles is something that the majority will sell their souls for. When whistle blowers expose corruption and misinformation it often means the end of their career (Professor Judy Mikovits being a prime example – she was even jailed for bringing the truth into the open).

Then you have the computer modellers. Results borne out of predictions from a machine, that will give you the results you are looking for (or the results your paymasters are looking for) – ‘garbage in as input data – garbage out as a predictive result’. Whether it’s accurate or truthful does not matter, as long as the result is in harmony with the ‘consensus’. A fine example of that was professor Neil Ferguson with his Mickey Mouse computer model, that influenced the policies of the UK and the US when it came to decisions about the fake COVID-19 pandemic. He had past form for doing that. See the background to the policies adopted by the UK during the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001 – all based on Ferguson’s false computer model results – which he later admitted to. But on this latest occasion again, he was used by the government as their ‘expert’ advisor.

There are those who fight against this, often they are the foremost leaders in their fields of expertise, but their voices are gagged. The BBC some time ago adopted a policy of not allowing a platform for anyone who did not go along with the consensus on climate change. Recently, social media platforms started censoring anyone who published anything that went contrary to the official line on this hoax pandemic. Coincidence? Hardly, to believe in coincidences is the lazy thinker’s way of dodging the work required to do research to prove the facts as right or wrong.

Where does the money come from to hatch these kinds of scams? Look no further than the elite 1% who do the work of the Cabal. Limitless money for funding, but more importantly, if you are a major funder – you call the shots. A classic example is the way that Bill Gates has bought his monopoly in the affairs of global health. It’s not for nothing that he is THE major funder of the World Health Organisation. (W.H.O.), now that the US are looking into the shenanigans of the corrupt W.H.O. and holding back their funding of it.

This brings us nicely on to vaccines – inevitable, once the name Bill Gates is raised.

What Is The Consensus On Vaccination?

The consensus dictates that vaccines can wipe out disease. People have been groomed – and yes, it is a grooming, like paedophiles groom innocent little children to believe lies in their innocence – that vaccines are safe, and that they are the accepted key saviour to fighting disease. WRONG! but that’s that old  ‘consensus’ again.

In reality there are NO known facts on record that prove that any vaccine can fight virus infection. It has been the conundrum since the beginning of the twentieth century for virologists. partly because viruses have been treated using the germ theory. It does not fit, viruses do not fit tat model. In fact it is now believed that viruses may actually originate from within the body of a living organism (we all carry million, possibly billions of them), and they are very likely misidentified as viruses instead of exosomes, because when viewed under an electron microscope, they appear identical to each other. Exosomes are released by damaged cells that have been exposed to toxins, either chemical or by electro magnetic radio waves in the ever more polluted environment that we live in.

Another misconception is that bugs, including viruses, float around in a soup of pathogens that we breathe in, and which then infects us. This again is a myth that most people have been taught to believe. the reality is that there are only three diseases that are airborne, TB, Ebola and Measles. The remainder are contracted from water particles carrying a pathogen that land on surfaces we touch. This is what makes a mockery of using face masks and having ‘social distancing’ (a horrible term if ever one was invented).

The consensus is this myth. However there are leading doctors and scientists who put this myth to rest, but they are battling with the ‘consensus’, born out of lies and misinformation, by those who have an agenda that most people are not aware of.

One such person is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who will explain the dangers of vaccines in the video below (when it comes to vaccines, it gets really interesting around the 30 minute into the video):


So What’s In The Pipeline?

The story of the vaccine has a dark side, one that has never been fully told before. Between 1954 and 1963, close to 98 million Americans received polio vaccinations contaminated with a carcinogenic monkey virus, now known as SV40.

Compulsory vaccination for everyone – the UK’s prime minister Boris Johnson has already declared that this is the plan. A vaccine that has no roots in fact, is unknown, and there is no precedence for it – all for a hoax that doesn’t exist! Who benefits? Big Pharma, and those who have a stated goal of reducing the population from nearly 8 Billion down to 500 Million. Read the other revealing posts on this blog about Bill Gates.

The real horror is that these vaccines contain mercury, aluminium and other substances that can interact with radio waves in the bandwidth of 5G. If you have half a neuron on duty in your head the alarm bells should be going off all over the place. A post on the subject of vaccine content and interaction with certain radio waves will be covered later.

However, having published all of these warnings about the dangers of vaccinations to combat virus infections, the Sheeple will still be queuing up to be guinea pigs for this magical new vaccine. Unbelievable! And they’ll do it in the belief that they are doing their bit for humanity – thanks to the propaganda. Madness is not the word for this.


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