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This Is The Dave Cullen Interview With Prof. Cahill – ON STEROIDS!

Here is another interview, this time with Del Bigtree in the US. On this occasion Dolores Cahill REALLY turns up the heat on this fake, scam pandemic. She is not only a top class scientist, she tells the TRUTH with no fear. Not only does she tear apart the background to the way this so-called pandemic has been planned and schemed. She openly attacks those who have manufactured the lies and misinformation about this artificially ramped up panic, with the ensuing suspension of basic freedoms and wilful mass house arrest; not to mention how many have died through the knock on actions perpetrated against humanity, in the wake of this panic driven scaremongering. All done in the name of population reduction, mandatory vaccines and the purposely designed collapse of the world economy, whilst accelerating  the surveillance project and individual tracking systems of all humans.


Not only is she in lock step with Prof. Judy Mikovits PhD, who says exactly the same thing, but she’s talking about directly challenging the political system for crimes against humanity. So she’s spreading out her attack, not just on the corrupt sections of the medical field, but politicians also. I genuinely think that she will make them pay for this disaster.

As sure as God made little green apples, more medical experts of the same calibre as professors Cahill,  Mikovits and Wittkowski and Drs. Tenpenny, Kaufman, Buttar, and Shiva including a swathe of many others are slowly, but surely opening the eyes of those duped, especially through the manipulative power of the mainstream media, who are the propaganda arm of governments, who in turn are controlled like clueless puppets by the Cabal.

They are gaining enough confidence to expose the evil intents of people like Bill Gates, Dr. Andy Fauci, the hypocrite Prof. Neil Ferguson, the W.H.O. Big Pharmaceutical companies and the other players in this Cabal controlled attack on humanity. It’s all orchestrated by money and control.

Who would you rather believe? Prof. Dolores Cahill or the Cabal’s leading henchman, Bill Gates? Someone who has not even got an ‘O’ level in medicine, but portrays himself as an ‘expert’ in virology and vaccination. His only expertise is in monopoly creation (see the track record of Microsoft), he has now monopolised the world’s health structure through money and corruption via his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He is also a proven eugenics supporter, as is his family, going back a few generations.

So you would blindly believe someone who has said publicly that he wants the world’s population culled, and the whole world vaccinated with goodness knows what (but more than likely to achieve the goal of population depletion), but at the same time says that he wants to save lives through his vaccination programme? Now work that one out!

Or would you prefer to listen to real, genuine and principled scientists, who truly want to help humanity, by speaking out the truth. I know which one I would choose.


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  1. Wynne

    Another excellent interview with Professor Dolores Cahill. She is on a mission to hold political leaders, their advisers and the media to account with legal consequences for all deaths recorded after 23 May. It should be mandatory for all political leaders to view that video. Is it likely to be widely circulated in America or will it be censored / banned.

    Mixed messages coming from Donald Trump. A few days ago he made an announcement regarding vaccination with Dr Anthony Fauci standing behind him wearing a face mask. A more promising statement today confirming that he personally has been taking Hydroxychloroquine and that he may permanently withhold funding from WHO if changes are not implemented within a month.

  2. Big Gee

    My guess is you’re right Wynne. At present it’s being streamed here from You Tube, but for how long is anyone’s guess. But fear not, it’s been snatched from YT and is safely stored at this end. If it mysteriously disappears I’ll publish it on one of two platforms I use, and it’ll get streamed from there.

    I’ve experienced problems with the free speech platforms, simply because they’ve been swamped by publishers on YT who have had their videos censored and accounts closed with no warning. So they’re flooding to platforms like Bit Chute and Brighteon. Both have had to upgrade their hardware to cope with the increased traffic and have had to extend their bandwidth to cope with the traffic.

    It’s been a bit of pain in the posterior, but it’s a good sign, that YT are loosing their monopoly. At the end of the day YT’s service is not superior, it’s just that up until now they’ve monopolised the market, and people being people have followed each other to use them. Now that they’ve adopted this censorship policy to help out the Cabal’s propaganda via MSM, they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

    I get the impression that Trump is a ditherer, he tends to listen to advisors who are the flavour of the month. Good to see he’s focused in on the W.H.O. but he REALLY needs to kick that gremlin Fauci into touch. Trouble is Fauci is in bed with some of the most evil, powerful and influential people on this planet, and is protected by them.

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