View the latest UPDATE to our on-going ‘BIG PICTURE’ document.

This is a comprehensive document that gives you a whole canvass view of the current ‘Plannedemic’. With information based on researched facts, and an introduction to the daunting array of subjects that most people have been introduced to since this hoax pandemic plan was hatched, but had never heard of before.


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  1. Wynne

    I think this will develop into an interesting document as time progresses Big Gee. Anyone is welcome to offer a point by point rebuttal if they disagree with the content. We still live in a free society, but not for long !

    I have now made Google Chrome my default browser. Could not view the document correctly in Internet Explorer.

    • Big Gee

      If I was a true cynic, I’d suggest that Bill Gates’ Internet Explorer from Microsoft was being deliberately awkward!! 😉

      It’s well past it’s sell by date by now anyway – Firefox and Chrome are far better alternatives. My preference is Mozilla Firefox. Their software is open source, and they seem to be outside the Cabal’s reach. Google Chrome, although a good browser is owned by Google, and we all know the hypocrisy of their original slogan “Do no evil” – a joke in bad taste that!

      I would also love some negative comments on here, so that we can debate matters and open a few more eyes. It seems the dissenters have run for the hills. The so called anti vaxxers (as they are derogatorily labelled) have the same problem. Every time they set up a debate with vaccine supporters, the vaccine supporters never turn up. That tells a story doesn’t it? It’s very difficult to win a debate if your arguments are not based on facts and truth. Lies and misinformation don’t do well under those circumstances.

  2. Wynne

    Yes, I sometimes think that it is a case of “me and you and a dog named boo” trying to convince the world !

    • Big Gee

      Ha ha! It may feel like that at times, but there’s more ‘Boos’ out there than we realise, and they’re increasing. Don’t lose heart – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      “Dyfal donc a dyrr y garreg”!

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