Nothing Added Up At First – Now It’s Crystal Clear

As soon as the news about this mysterious ‘virus’ broke, I set about a deep and thorough research and study exercise from day one. After all, being forewarned is to be forearmed, and I would always put my own research validity ahead of any propaganda crap that comes out of the radio, TV or internet.

Of those three sources, the only real tool is the internet – as long as you have the ability to filter out the propaganda on there, as well of course, of being being able to distinguish the true facts from the false information. Care being taken that whilst the mainstream media do the official propaganda, many within the alternative media need to be watched for accuracy too. I don’t find that too hard an exercise as long as one has an open mind, and is is well aware of the techniques used by the system to spread mis/ disinformation, along with certain other elements who get their kicks out of sensational information which is often no more than imaginary accounts of what is going on.

The key is to question everything and believe nothing until solid evidence of truth is apparent. Whether that is from the mainstream or alternative media. It is important to hear what qualified experts have to say. Not just those that depend on government funding for their research and views. The man-made climate hoax is a classic example of that, when you analyse how many from among the so-called ‘scientific consensus’ put their funding source ahead of true scientific facts.

I’m NOT the fearful or panicky type – far from it – I err on the other side of the spectrum. In this regard I’m probably quite different to the vast majority of mankind. There seems to be four types, or groups, in varying numbers:

1. The ‘Panickers and Fearful ones’ (by far the largest group).

This group believes every word that comes out of their TVs and other mainstream news media sources. They are never sceptical of anything ‘authority’ tells them. They are easily manipulated, and succumb to hardcore fear mongering – from above in society. They are the ones who wear goggles, gloves, face masks and tied up kagouls over their heads when out shopping. They get hysterical if you go within two metres of them, obediently stay indoors, or stick religiously to the markers on the shop floor. They are the first to give up their freedoms but more critically, they don’t do any research, and generally are not the brightest light bulbs in the room. They are also the first ones to raid the shops for toilet rolls – presumably because they’ve heard hearsay from someone else in their group, that Corona virus causes diarrhoea! I call these the true ‘Sheeple’. They don’t think for themselves and have a strong herding and group think mentality. They go where the shepherd with his sheepdogs (the police and military) usher them.

2. The ‘Shoulder Shrugers’

This group is also generally obedient to rules from above, but they take it with a shrug of the shoulders. If they do break the rules it’s because they don’t take things very seriously, they are indifferent. Ask them what they think of this hyped up situation, they just shrug their shoulders and say they don’t know, and don’t generally care. If they do listen to the mainstream media they don’t really apply much thought to it, they are far more concerned that the pub is closed and there’s no sport to watch. They take very little interest in what anyone says (unless it’s applicable to their own interests in life). They don’t panic like the first group, but will still be quick to go down to the supermarket and scoop up the rest of the toilet rolls and pasta – not because they’re panicking, but they want to make sure No. 1 is OK. These I’ll label the ‘Ostriches’. They will stand on their doorstep and clap and sing for the NHS – because they think it’s fun and different. The first group do the same, but with fearful tears in their eyes. The ostriches also have a habit of laughing at other groups. They can see the stupidity of the actions of the ‘Sheeple’ group, however they also treat the other two groups with derision or can’t resist smirking, mocking and ridiculing, when confronted with facts. Like the ‘Sheeple’ they do no research, but unlike that group they don’t really take anything seriously. These are the apathetic and disinterested ones – the second largest group of humans.

3. The ‘Looney-Tunes’ Group

This group live in a twilight world somewhere between true reality and make believe. They are totally sceptical of what goes on around them (which is not altogether a bad thing), but they view the alternative in a very ‘off the wall’ way. They are welded into the Hollywood, far flung and unreal reality world of Mickey Mouse and the like.

This group, although they are not aware of it, cause more harm than good, because they spread information on the internet which is totally fabricated and delusional at times, and by doing so gives others who are broadcasting proper and truthful alternative news a very bad name. These are the ones that everyday folks need to filter out when they do research into the reality of what is going on. Unfortunately this group by their very nature are sometimes very tech savvy when it comes to promoting stuff in the ether. Also, unfortunately, it is this group that causes the credibility of proper researchers to be brought into question, especially by the ‘Shoulder Shruggers’.

4.  The ‘Enlightened’ Group

These are the grounded sensible ones, who take nothing at face value. They are open minded and are generally keen observers and critical thinkers. They are extremely small in number, when compared to the other groups. Many in this group are professionals in the medical, legal and financial professions. They are also exposers of the wrongness of totalitarian regimes. They are not panickers like the ‘Sheeple’, they are not indifferent like the ‘Shoulder Shruggers’, they are not extremish dreamers like the ‘Sci-Fi Marvel Comic’ group. They observe, research and analyse, then they come to their analysed and reasoned conclusion.

Those conclusions are usually nearer the truthful reality than what is spewed out by the global Cabal influenced and directed establishment. Althogh the smallest of the four groups, they are the most hated and feared by the Cabal and their controlled establishment, the propaganda generating mainstream media and those who are behind the propagation of mass hysteria, for their own shady benefits – namely money.

These include the WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and of course Big Pharma and many more. Those who run the world economy also have a hand in this, as they are desperate for a scapegoat to reboot the world economy, as the current system has been on life support since 2008 it has been in ICU for a few decades before that.

As the academics, influential teachers and other ‘thinkers’ had their books collected and burnt during many totalitarian control attempts throughout history – including the Nazi regime of the thirties, and of course the rounding up of the ‘thinkers’ during the Mao Communist revolution in China. So too this latest fascist totalitarian attempt are doing the same – with information being wiped from public view. The biggest perceived threat is that of the independent thinkers – to those who aim to totally control the human race. So the attack on this group   by the Cabal, is because this ‘thinkers’ group run the risk of influencing the other three groups.

What this group does quite simply, is connect the dots, to view the big picture which is invisible to others who put all co-ordinated happenings down to coincidence.

Here’s a Video From Dave Cullen In Ireland That Ties It Up Nicely:

Find out more by visiting his site at Computing Forever

Prof. Dr. Knut Wittkowski – Is social distancing and lockdown the wrong approach?


Ernst Wolff (Economics Expert) – Corona & The Collapse of the Financial System

After watching the above videos –

YOU join the dots and see what you come up with!


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