Here’s Your Usual Sunday ‘Lunch’ Serving Of ‘Real’ News From Richie Allen’s Podcast:



Another week has passed, and guess what is STILL the only story in the mainstream (false) media world? It seems that someone has switched off all other news in the world!

For example, did anyone broadcast that the Surgeon General in the US (Dr. Jerome Adams) has spectacularly said that the US government will no longer be listening or donating to the WHO (so the main funder of the WHO is now our very own Beelzebub – Bill Gates –  along of course with Big Pharma). Not only that, but he’s stopped the Bill Gates vaccination trash push, and more importantly he’s side lined Dr. Fauci – the main medical advisor who’s been relentlessly pumping out the propaganda – GONE!  The US is also getting ready to analyse the TRUE figures in this tragic nightmare. A bombshell – but not a whisper from the usual suspects.

I must have missed that minor bit of news on the BBC or in the papers – incredible! I wonder why? Or did it get broadcast when I wasn’t looking? I don’t think so.

I love the down to earth and earthy style of the Irish, of which Richie Allen is an excellent example.


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