Respiratory Doctor Exposes the Fake Virus Pandemic

A Brave and Intelligent Respiratory Doctor


Yet another whistleblower on the front lines – a respiratory doctor – has stepped forward to expose many aspects of fakery in the COVID-19 Coronavirus hoax.

The tests are fake (they are not testing for the actual virus). The pandemic is fake (fictitious cases, deaths falsely attributed to COVID-19). How much longer are people going to buy into all the fear?

This doctor has blown the whistle on the fake pandemic that is COVID-19. He joins the ranks of a growing number of doctors on the front lines who are reporting that this so-called pandemic simply doesn’t add up, due to various reasons that have been reported by independent and citizen journalists: empty hospitals, inflated figures and people being falsely counted as COVID-19 cases.

This respiratory doctor also exposes the COVID-19 test itself as useless. It is not testing for the virus but rather the reaction to the virus. Since it is a PCR test and not the gold standard of isolation and purification etc. (Koch’s postulates), it is merely testing for RNA sequences that could be caused by many other things, not a dreaded new Coronavirus strain.

The PCR test is limited in function and flawed if used for broad diagnosis; it uses cycles to amplify the RNA sequence, which leads to many people getting a “positive” that in reality could be from cancer, radiation (keep 5G microwave radiation in mind here) or many other things. He also had some scathing things to say about his fellow doctors just going along with the program and not asking the tough questions, a sad reflection on the profession, since it is well-known people look up to doctors and give away their power to perceived authority.

Please watch this video – it’s a real eye opener. Whilst the Dr. in the video is describing what is happening at the hospital he’s at in the US, the story is the same the world over. Check out your local hospital and see what is going on for yourself. Not only will you find the same, but I’ll guarantee that your local hospital is NOT rushed off it’s feet and carting out corpses of the victims of this hoax virus pandemic by the trailer load. PLEASE check it out for yourself – don’t take my word for it –  or try talking to people you know who work in hospitals. I have had people who have gone to hospital for treatment (like my pregnant next door neighbour for a scan a few weeks back) and hospital staff, both in my local hospital, and the University Hospital Heath in Cardiff, who say the same thing. Hospitals are actually less busy now than they were before this hoax was released on us.

Key Points of Respiratory Doctor Exposing the Coronavirus Scam

Below are some of the key points from the above video. But I encourage you to watch it for yourself:

They are not testing for the virus itself … this COVID-19 test … they are testing for a RNA sequence from a reaction to the virus … then they [use] PCR to amplify it … you’re going to test positive. That could come from cancer, from radiation, that could come from several things.

Every bit of this [pandemic] has been created.

You can’t vaccinate yourself for every little human ailment that there is.

 … if this is a virus … and I’m not so sure it is … I’m not completely convinced this is a virus and I’ve been doing this a long time.

“Does this warrant locking everything up … I really don’t think it does, not even close.”

Question people in charge, and also question your doctors, because the doctors believe this as much as everybody else does, but they’re not looking at the real information. They’ve got lives, they’ve got jobs … they don’t care … they’re not going to look it up … They look up the little things they’re told to look up, and that’s it.

Respiratory Doctor Testimony – For The Full Transcription


Fake Tests, Fake Bodies, Fake Pandemic: All to Keep People in Fear

As this respiratory doctor reveals, there are so many levels of fakery going on with this scamdemic. We have now entered the Brave New World of COVID-1984. We are in a new War on Bioterror, where everyone is a suspected or asymptomatic carrier, and the PCR test can replace the judge to prove your innocence or guilt. There are truly dangerous and unprecedented times. It is vitally important for everyone to not only question government but also to question their doctors so enough people

Share this information. Knowledge dispels fear. Once enough people climb out of fear, naturally they will begin to unite and rise up in anger to demand freedom. Self-respect will kick in. The NWO manipulators who orchestrated this entire event will have a much harder time rolling out their plans when a united and aware citizenry protest en masse and refuse to buy into the fear and refuse to tolerate any more lockdown, house arrest or quarantine.

Another Highly Qualified And Respected Doctor Who Explains Some Of The Details On The Propaganda We Are Being Served.

Koch’s Postulates, Exosomes, Virus Identification and much more, that many are not aware of. We have been groomed to believe myths and lies. Here is Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

Increasingly principled people in the medical field are exposing what is going on, and are brave enough to come forward to tell the truth about this ‘Scamdemic’.

Professor Michael Levitt, a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist, says there is no clear evidence that Covid-19 is causing massive loss of life.

Professor Levitt is still suggesting that COVID-19 is a virus, although increasing evidence suggests that this may not be correct. As many in his profession, he also seems to believe that vaccines are safe – but that mostly springs from the fact that medical schools are funded by Big Pharma, and what is taught is influenced by Big Pharna. Who earns money from all vaccines?

Despite evidence to the contrary in places like Europe and New York City. In fact, Levitt, who is currently stuck in Israel, says it has not been a particularly bad year for flu deaths. And the people who are dying from coronavirus are those who are at risk of death anyway. Professor Levitt believes we’ve been “primed for Covid-19 panic”.

Here is a full podcast of his interview with RNZ (New Zealand):


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  1. cam

    I hope more people have the courage to comment and say where they are in the world after such brilliant posts such as this one. Please reassure me that there are more sane people out there in the world who are not wandering around like lost sheep in a fog . I live in Vancouver Canada and people are lapping up this scam like you wouldn’t believe. Please take the time to post a quick message of support and say hi.

    • Big Gee

      Hi Cam from Vancouver! Thanks for your words of support.

      Well at least we know there’s one sane person flying the Maple Leaf/ Kiwi flag!

      It’s the same here in Wales my friend – it’s like watching zombie sheep in the fog! The annoying thing is, fair enough, they’ve been duped, but when you put the evidence in front of their noses – they won’t read it, or they’ll read it, smirk and walk away. I liken it to someone who’s gone into a comma, the house has caught fire and you can’t wake the comatose one! Beyond belief – how much more evidence do they need as proof? The REALLY annoying thing is they say they’re all bored, but too lazy and indifferent to do their own research – that’s ‘Ostriches’ for you – as I explained in my earlier post.

      Thankfully, the medical profession is waking up, and some are growing a pair and getting more vocal – thank goodness.

      PS – did you have trouble with the reCaptcha tick box Cam? It seems to be in a strop and doesn’t want to play at times!

  2. Big Gee

    For those who had a problem posting replies due to a reCaptcha plugin problem, that glitch has now been resolved. As long as you’re logged-in you will not need to use the ‘I’m not a robot’ reCaptcha challenge when posting replies from now on – ENJOY & sorry for the frustrations!

  3. Wynne

    Reported by BBC [British Bull S–T Corporation or Broken Biscuit Company] this morning that a seriously ill person has been transferred by RAF helicopter from a remote Scottish island to intensive care unit in hospital with “suspected coronavirus”. As he was seriously ill he no doubt tested positive under the PCR test. No indication given, in BBC report, on whether he was also suffering from other serious underlying health issues. All helps to add to the fear agenda. Keep getting the message out Big Gee. You are not alone in questioning the information we are being bombarded with on a daily basis. Nice to receive comment from Canada. The men “in the shadows” will be tuning in to your blog soon !!

  4. Big Gee

    “The men “in the shadows” will be tuning in to your blog soon !!”
    OH MY GOD! 

    Not to worry Wynne – I’ve made the contingency plans, including storing my sensitive videos somewhere other than You Tube or Vimeo!

  5. Snuzz

    hmm I have 3 friends who have had the virus and managed to stay alive. There are complications after you have survived intensive care and it will take them a long time to recuperate. I am not so sure about all this but will carry on reading with an open mind

    • Big Gee

      Hi Snuzz – glad to hear from you! Also pleased to see you’re keeping well! It’s a long time since I last bumped into you in the Gardener’s Chat Shed – still digging away?

      Did your three friends have this mysterious COVID-19 though? I have a friend in south Wales who tells me two of his friends have been really ill in hospital, with what they were told was this ‘killer’ virus. The thing is – it hasn’t been isolated or identified, and the RT/PCR test that’s done only checks for RDA genetic material of a Corona virus – any Corona virus, which most of us have, because the common cold and more seriously many flu strains are all Corona viruses of one kind or another. Now if they’d been really ill with seasonal flue last year, (still the biggest viral killer) they would have been told they’d had the flue. The symptoms are identical.

      The fact is that no one can tell if they’ve had the COVID-19 virus (if it exists) . That’s what makes it all so suspicious.

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