That heading is a quote from The Good News translation of the bible (2 Corinthians 11:14). How appropriate.

Now I’m TOTALLY opposed to ANY man made religion – I believe them, without exception, to be the source of much of the badness and evil that we see in the world today. Someone once said that behind all wars and killing is a religion – Amen to that! Although in fairness not all religions promote or support wars, outwardly at least. I do however pride myself on being ‘spiritual’ and a total humanitarian. I firmly believe that we are all connected in this universe (at a quantum level) and I have no reason to dispel the Unified Field Theory. But enough of that before I get led off too far on yet another tangent.

The Connections Between Religion and The New World Order

It was once said that:

All roads lead to Rome . .

Possibly, but in fact all roads today lead to the centre of the web – totally controlled by the elite cabal. That includes ALL religions, although their adherents may not realise it. That’s not surprising, when we see how shallow the ‘Sheeple’s’ understanding of what is happening around them is all about – examples:

  • They believe in a hoax viral wipe-out – unless we all surrender our personal freedoms and free human rights to totalitarian house arrest and full control of our lives by the central forces that rule us. Or of course they put their trust in their religion, whilst meekly submitting to ‘Caesar’s Law’.
  • They have total trust in the propaganda we are spoon fed by the mainstream media (owned by about seven hugely rich and influential global companies, with the exception of those that are disguised as ‘independent’ state controlled organisations e.g. the BBC). They all sing from the same song sheet – under strict orders.
  • They have a blinkered view of the true reality of what is happening globally and at phenomenal speed.Over 20% of the population of the globe got locked down in a matter of weeks.
  • They reject factual evidence which is brushed aside as the mutterings of deranged ‘conspiracy theorists’. They choose  instead to be fed their poisoned milk from the teat of the cabal that decides what they hear and what they don’t. The ‘Sheeple’ do this “just in case”.
  • They live in a perceived reality conjured up for them by the cabal, whose henchmen are the 1% of the 1% worldwide. More about one of them later on.
  • They submit to, and are totally influenced by what they are indoctrinated to believe from birth.
  • They have more interest in soap operas, game shows, talent contests, celebrity worship, fashion and sports, and sometimes religion, than paying attention to what is happening around them. They follow each other blindly – opting NOT to think for themselves, ignoring matters than can mean the difference between life and death for them and their children and grandchildren.

The Sheeple-  as I call them – have a pathetic understanding and think no deeper than the average rain puddle.

Make no mistake,  all religions are up to their necks in this, regardless of what they profess they are at face value. At the top of these religious pyramids are those that know exactly what this is all about. The believing masses below them just follow the ‘shepherds’ blindly, comforted by vacuous promises of a better life after they pass on, or the promise of pradisaic life when their heavenly leader steps in.

Here’s some photos. Spot the common denominator:

 The American one dollar bill.
  Symbols from the Vatican
  More symbols from the Vatican
 Memorial tombstone of Charles Taze Russell – the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation.

(United Cemeteries, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA. Memorial ID: 5591)

So, did you spot what they all had in common? A coincidence? Or the over fertile imagination of a ‘conspiracy theorist’?

Do your own research. It only takes a few key strokes these days, although information is currently disappearing from the internet, if it doesn’t go along with what the ‘official cabal’ lies say.

Moving On To One Of The Biggest ‘Angels of Light’ Around – Gates

You mean that bespectacled, mild mannered – “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” – famous entrepreneur, who gave vast amounts of his wealth away for kind philanthropic purposes? The guy from a modest background, who dropped out of university to start writing software programmes with his engineer pal Paul Allen, in his parents’ garage, and later became at one point the richest man in the world?

YES! That’s him. The chap in the pink crew neck jumper over a white shirt that gives lectures on virology and vaccines these days, although of course he has absolutely no medical qualifications. He used to lecture about Microsoft software, but now he’s ‘retired’ from Microsoft and has a vision for saving the world through his vaccination programme.

This ‘Nice Guy’ Is Nothing Short Of The Devil Incarnate

He didn’t start from scratch – that’s the old myth attributed to anyone who miraculously becomes a billionaire overnight, it always starts off in a garage (or a bedroom), he/she becomes filthy rich and suddenly famous, like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (of Apple fame), Elon Musk (of Space-X fame) et al.

I won’t bore you with all the names. Here is a quick list of just twelve such companies:

Microsoft, Dell, Google, Amazon, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Yankee Candles, Disney, Harley Davidson, Maglite, Mattel, Lotus and of course Space-X.

Odd that, the same old story and the same old result. The strangest thing is that these guys are supposed to have built up their wealth, and we’re talking serious wealth (and influence), virtually overnight here. No one had heard of them until they burst on to the scene, which begs the question “who gave them the leg-up”. Think ‘Cabal’. Brian Epstein, the famous (supposedly) suicidal paedophile and friend of people in high places and personal friend of royalty like prince Andrew, is another one where the source of his wealth is a total mystery. Incidentally he also had ‘friendly’ connections with Gates, and another was the other ‘Bill’ (Clinton), ex president of the US no less. You don’t get better connected than that! What they all have in common is that they are not only wealthy, but extremely powerful and influential. The cabal’s ‘henchmen’. Nice rewards, for what? For being in positions that dictates to governments what to do.

Bill Gates actually owns the World Health Organisation (he was their biggest funder, second only to the US government, who have now stopped their funding). He dictates what the WHO say and do (money talks). He also has huge money invested in Big Pharma stocks. Now he wants everyone vaccinated with – god knows what – that’s produced by those Big Pharma companies.

Any alarm bells going off in your head yet? Well perhaps you’ll hear the bells when you discover that Gates, on top of all this is also an eugenicist.

Please watch and listen to this video, it will explain a lot of things for you:

The Gates Family, Eugenics & COVID-19 CLICK HERE For more information


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