The Man Behind The Current Hoax Pandemic

The Man Behind The Current Hoax Pandemic

Stop For a Minute and THINK

Would you trust this man to put a needle in the arms of your children and inject them with a vaccine that you are not told what it contains? Would YOU be happy to have your government bring in a law that says you cannot leave your house, cannot work and cannot eat, unless you submit yourself to a mandatory vaccine, and accept an invisible tattoo to prove you’ve been inoculated? The tattoo was developed by Gates his vaccine was researched, produced and promoted by an EUGENICIST.

The Plan

The whole hoax pandemic plan has this man as it’s chief planner. The same psychopathic monster that is one of the  CABAL’S SENIOR HENCHMEN. Then after scaring everyone witless (well the Sheeple at least) who are in a continued panic, he comes to the fore to suggest that HIS vaccine will save humanity from the disease. So why does someone who has repeatedly gone on record as saying we need to REDUCE the world’s population suddenly want to save the world’s population from dying?

He is by now the main contributor to the World Health Organisation (WHO). He was the second biggest contributor to that organisation and has continually worked hands on with it – controlling the ‘head honcho’ who calls the shots – the proven corrupt Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the UN World Health Organization, (until the US pulled away and stopped funding the hideously corrupt organisation – the gates Foundation is now the main funder). He has a vested interest in Big Pharma (who will produce his vaccine). So, he controls the WHO who gives advice to governments around the world. He headed the Event 201 simulation, he then promised to come out with a vaccine in breathtakingly quick time – never before witnessed (or did he already have it prepared before the scam was perpetrated?

Gates Will Be Known As The Most Evil Man To Have Walked The Planet

Hitler and Stalin have been considered the most evil men in history – they killed millions. This evil, psychopathic eugenicist is poised to kill BILLIONS! Why? Because he and his family (especially Bill Gates Snr. are committed eugenicists whose goal it is to cull the world population down to around 500 million from the current nearly 7 billion.  This is a figure openly admitted in the Agenda 21 document produced from the Rio Sustainable Environment Summit in 1992). You’re welcome to read through this PDF copy for yorself:



Vaccination Is The Goal

Make no mistake, the end game goal is to force this vaccine on everyone on the globe. No one will drop dead immediately (although I heard today that the first volunteer for the trial that started three days ago in Oxford has died – but that story needs to be properly verified).

This is not possible without totalitarian control of the masses in many countries. That is currently coming into force – just look around you.

And of course this ‘pandemic’ will also have a domino effect of collapsing the current, unsustainable, debt generated economy. How convenient – the COVID-19 scam will tick lots of boxes for the dark suits in the shadows, not least be blamed for the collapse of a doomed financial system, which will bring the masses to it’s knees. Later the cull will start to manifest, assuming you’ve been stupid enough to take your miracle shots from the evil Gates.




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