Think Deeply (and critically)

That quote is generally attributed to Edward Burke. However, it matters not a jot who originally coined it – it’s a sobering thought that we all need to dwell and meditate on. If the people don’t act soon, the game will be over, and that’s no exaggeration. I’m doing what little I can to convince others that they need to wake up out of their slumber, I have a clear conscience, that come what may, I can say I tried my best to get people to wake up.

To have tried and failed, is better than not to have tried at all.

Individually we are limited, together we can be strong and achieve what’s required.

At present, some are wallowing in the novelty of something different in their lives. others sadly are suffering greatly –  both physically and mentally. The most fragile in our society are bearing the brunt of the hardship being imposed upon us all. My wife and I do a weekly shop for two elderly families where we live, and we ourselves are in our late sixties. I am classed as vulnerable myself – due to other medical problems (sheer bullshit – but there we are  – when you’re just a statistic). One couple is nearly ninety, the other is a widow in her eighties who doesn’t drive. Under normal circumstances there would be no problem, but as the weeks go by we can see the effect this is having on them. We’re lucky, because by nature we can compartmentalise the fear and the worry, as we are convinced this is a sham and a hoax, an exercise to wield control, and instil panic and fear in the population. Others are not as fortunate as us and are trembling in their houses and chewing their nails down to the quick.

My Anger And Others’ Anger

What riles me the most is that some are wallowing in the novelty factor. They are revelling in the little childish exercises that they are encouraged to take part in, like go on the doorstep and clap for the NHS. Others in Wales (being the Land of Song) are encouraged to go out and sing the national anthem at a set time every evening. FFS! Snap out of this comma you idiots – you are being made monkeys of! You’ve voluntarily imprisoned yourselves on the say so of those who have perpetrated a scam, now you’re singing and clapping whilst the plot unfolds! It reminds me of an old joke about Christian slaves singing “Oh we do like to be beside the seaside” whilst hanging on stakes the Romans have put them on, to be drowned when the tide comes in! Only this is no joke.

I read on social media of discussions by people about hearing the lovely refrains of their national anthem in the evening (how people can sing with their heads in the sand I don’t know!). No one is more endeared to our national anthem than me, but don’t these silly people realise that what we are heading for is no country, no nation and no bloody anthem to sing. As for the clapping crowd, go to your nearest hospital and see how empty they are – it’s all stage managed crap, fed to us via the mainstream media. And we stand there like gawps soaking it all in.

News Blackout

A few days ago it was declared by the US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, that they were going to stop funding the WHO, and kick back against this madness about vaccination by the psychopath Bill Gates. They are also going to analyse the true figures in the wake of this pandemic scam to test it for accuracy- thank goodness for a bit of sense at last – is BoJo and that turtle Drakeford in the Welsh Government listenig? Now is that big news or not?  Of course it is. When it comes to the mainstream media it’s received a news blackout! Don’t you smell the rat yet?

Here’s a video of an interview with Dr. Rashid Buttar, who seems even more angered by this nonsense than I am! You need to watch it and realise that you are being taken for a ride on a gigantic scale, but not just you, also a quarter of the whole world’s population. Unbelievable!


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