A Long and Troubled – But Enlightening –  Journey From The End Of 2019 To The Present

Really? Is this what bacteria and viruses look like? ALL images taken with an electron microscope are monochrome, are difficult to identify and bear absolutely no resemblance to these sexed up computer generated graphics or artist’s impressions. They bear absolutely no resemblance to reality

Probably, like  99.99% of the population, at the end of 2019, I had no reason to disbelieve the existence of disease creating bacteria (which do exist, but have a totally different function to what is generally believed) and viruses  (collectively referred to by most people as ‘germs’). I had been assured from birth, through what my parents, teachers and the medical profession  had later on told me, that these invisible little organisms float around (especially viruses) and when they attacked – by coming into contact with us – they then took over our cells – multiplied, caused illnesses and killed us. It seems that is their only purpose and we are locked in a perpetual war between ourselves and these invisible attackers for ever more!. Forgetting the fact that 360 trillion particles labelled viruses inhabit our bodies at any time – that’s right TRILLION. A lesser number of bacteria inhabit us (or are actually a part of us) and the lesser third is made up of our own cells in the make-up of our human form – arguably we are more virus than anything else! Pasteur put forward the theory that there is one virus (or bacteria) that causes one disease when we come into contact with it. He supposed the human body was sterile and that all viruses and bacteria exist outside of the body. Does that make sense to you when you realise that we are a mass of bacteria and exosomes (viruses)? But that’s what we are led to believe right up to this day.

The same fallacy has it that those ‘viruses/ germs’ that escape our bodies after causing disease or death, float on and infect others. The only defence it is claimed is man-made (paid for of course to Big Pharma) medications and vaccinations. I’d had no reason to disbelieve that consensus of opinion – up until the time the so-called Covid-19 pandemic disease broke out in China. The penny didn’t fully drop until well into 2020.

A Gift In Disguise

This latest pandemic scare has a great silver lining though. More people are now better educated about illnesses, disease and medicines than they were pre 2019. It has been a great opportunity to learn and understand things; it’s the good that has come from the bad. Our dumbed down, one-eyed education system has been revealed for what it is – an institution for non learning of important information. Millions around the globe are waking up and doing their own research and discovering truths they never knew existed. Those who have masterminded this tragedy may not have been aware that through their evil attempts at tyranny and control through fakery and lies, they have woken up a sleeping giant that will, I hope, lead to the permanent demise of the psychopaths that are controlled by the Cabal elite.

The Light Gets Brighter and Brighter 

Chinese bat soup the origin of a world wide viral pandemic? How stupid do you think we are?

The mainstream media (MSM) fear hype started when it was globally announced that a ‘new’ (novel) corona ‘virus’ had been discovered in Wuhan, China (with one of the most polluted air environments in the world, and a roll-out of 5G technology at the same time as the reported outbreak). Not only was the fake virus outbreak declared to be highly contagious and deadly, but it had miraculously jumped species and contaminated humans via a bat soup – so we had no protection against it! This was utterly ridiculous, as a virus had NEVER been evidenced either in or out of a laboratory to jump species. Lesser still was that incredible feat accomplished by boiling a bat and eating the broth! Think about that. Never in the history of scientific experimentation had it been possible to demonstrate such a feat – even when purposely attempted in laboratory environments.  It has been impossible to do such a thing, right down to this day. It has NEVER been done, and absolutely no scientific papers have ever been written that such a thing can happen. Yet the gullible public were expected to believe what was supposed to have happened. Did they honestly believe that a virus can get boiled, swallowed, survive our digestive system and then by sheer magic turn up in our cells?  It was at that point that the more astute and critical thinking amongst us smelled a rat somewhere and got down to some serious research and study.

Test, Test Test!

Right on cue, Christian Drosden came up with a modified RT-PCR test to check people’s contamination with this magical novel virus that causes Covid-19 disease, and each positive test was recorded as a ‘CASE’, inferring that anyone who tested positive was a diagnosed case of Covid-19. This was despite the fact that Dr. Kary Mullis warned repeatedly that a PCR test was NOT fit for the purpose of diagnosis. Dr. Mullis incidentally, was the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test, and was outraged when it was used to diagnose the presence of the HIV virus; a virus that was later proven not to exist or cause AIDS. Sadly he conveniently died and therefore went silent in 2019, so his voice has not been heard during this similar to HIV narrative, that is now taking place regarding SARS-Cov-2 that supposedly causes Covid-19. The PCR test simply amplifies small fragments of invisible RNA/ DNA fragments billions of times. At a cycle threshold  (Ct – i.e. repeated amplification of the test material) of over 24 it becomes highly unreliable. Anything over a Ct of 30 it throws out over 90% false positives. The Ct setting for the laboratories who analyse this test procedure in the UK, the CT has been 40 -45. In some countries as high as 50+. Each and every false positive is recorded as a CASE. So what we had was not a viral pandemic, but a casedemic, faithfully broadcast by the MSM each evening. In other words a deceptive lie to keep the public in fear.

What makes this even more ridiculous is the fact that NO virus has EVER been isolated, identified and it’s genome  sequenced, without the use of hypothetical computer modelling and test lab contamination. The SARS-Cov-2 ‘virus’ has not been identified, so it begs the question –

How can the RNA or DNA of an unidentified ‘virus’ be detected by a PCR test?”

Dr. Kary Mullis explains his views on the use of his PCR method in this brief video below:

THAT was from the horse’s mouth by the INVENTOR of the PCR test! He was talking specifically about the HIV scam. The same holds true today about the SARS-Cov-2 scam, using exactly the same testing protocols.

The Light Keeps Getting Brighter Still

Based on the evidence, and the exposure of false information through collusion by the MSM, the ones who had by now become extremely suspicious, were doing far more in depth research – myself included. Something was very wrong.

Then came the revelation that an untried and untrialled experimental gene therapy ‘vaccine’ had been developed and could be used under Emergency Authorisation by governments. This was the insult that added to injury. NO vaccine has EVER been successful either in the halting or the protection against any illness. In fact it has been categorically proven that vaccinations are the causative element in the presentation of many diseases that they are purportedly supposed to fight against. This is clearly reflected in the numbers of people being hospitalised in the wake of the gene therapy injections for Covid-19.

There are reams of information about vaccines and vaccinations on this blog, too much to delve into here in this article, please use the search feature in the right hand pane of this page to read what has been written about them. And to add to the deceit, the injection used for this latest ‘pandemic’ is NOT a vaccine. It is experimental gene therapy treatment with a very dark and sinister reasons for it’s implementation.

There is a gigantic push to get the whole human race inoculated, against a disease that the authorities admit has a fatality rate of just 0.03%. 99.97% of people make a full recovery with no ill effects. The average age of the 0.03% is above the natural fatality rate of those in that age bracket.

This begs another question.

What was the purpose of scaring people into a belief that a deadly pandemic was on the loose? Was it a ploy to implement mass inoculation? If so why? 3,000 people die of TB every day in the world – do you see a panic to get everyone injected against Tuberculosis?

Heresy Against The Belief System

Due to the incessant propaganda over at least a century about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, the very thought of divulging the truth about vaccines generally, and this present gene therapy in particular, meets with hostile incredulity and accusations of madness even!

However, the facts speak for themselves. The truth regarding injections is carefully buried and the propaganda arm of the political authorities and the lobbying power of Big Pharma ensures that everyone is tainted with these lies that vaccines are safe and efficient. They believe it like cult members believe the teachings of their leaders. The reality, as opposed to the perceived reality, is nothing of the sort; their main function is to cause illness and to generate unthinkable amounts of money for pharmaceutical companies. Healthy people bankrupt medicine makers and pill pushers.

Our illnesses and diseases are caused directly through toxic air, food, water, EMF radiation and the medications we are prescribed. It is a slow suffering by poisoning. Our bodies are constantly trying to rid us of the toxins in our environment, when the poisoning is at a particularly high level we go into a state of severe detoxification and display symptoms of fever, increased temperature, sweating, sickness and diarrhoea, weakness and fatigue, whilst our immune system is working hard to get rid of the toxins we have accumulated or come into contact with. That in very simple terms is what the Terrain Theory suggests.

More disturbingly, vaccinations can be used for a far more sinister purpose, by the use of modern technology that incorporates the goals of eugenicists and those pushing for depopulation of the earth.

The Final Incredible Revelation – Exposure Of The Germ Theory

The germ theory was initially put forward a little more than a century and a half since Robert Koch made the discoveries that led Louis Pasteur to describe how small organisms called germs could invade the body and cause disease.

Pasteur has since been discovered to be a serial plagiarist and a fraud of the highest calibre. His  connections with influential people of his time, including Napoleon III of France to name but one; led to his flawed theories being eagerly accepted and duly enhanced by the early pharmaceutical industries at the end of the 19th century. The next acceleration in the acceptance of this theory came in the guise of the Rockefeller Foundation, who established modern allopathic medicine. Pasteur’s flawed theory was an integral part to be played for the success of allopathic medicine, and the need to keep people at a low health level, in order to promote the industry’s pills, portents and INJECTIONS.

Having latched on to this information, and something I had never before heard of (I doubt if 1% of the public have either)_- the Terrain Theory – as explained by Prof. Antoine Béchamp.

My in depth research has led me by 2021 to the absolute conclusion that viruses do not exist in the way that people have been taught to perceive them. The Germ Theory was originally attributed to bacteria, with all it’s flaws. With the advent of electron microscopy, which allowed other particles about a thousand times smaller than bacteria to be observed, those steeped in the germ theory applied the same theory to these new particles which they labelled virus. Since that discovery, viruses have stubbornly refused to fit into the germ theory mould and are still an anomaly as a non living particle, that is identical to exosomes under an electron microscope.

This is the ultimate heresy in many people’s eyes, my own included – up until last year –  until I did the really deep research on the subject (incidentally heresy is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs, in particular the accepted beliefs of a church or religious organization. The term is usually used in reference to violations of important teachings, but is also used of views strongly opposed to any generally accepted ideas. Believing the earth is round and that it revolves around the sun was also heresy for a very long time. Germ theory has been around for a mere 150 years).

Below are two videos that will help the reader understand more about the flawed germ theory and the logical sense of the Terrain Theory.

I wrote a full length feature article on the subject of germ and terrain theory some time ago. You are encouraged to read it:

It is amazing what can be discovered when you apply yourself to a little research with an open mind




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