Some Of The Public Have Been Played – Just Like Hypnotised Zombie Puppets

ALL owned and controlled by about half a dozen corporations or bribed into compliance ($53 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the BBC alone). All with exactly the same message from a central global source.

A leading psychologist mentioned recently that about 30% of the population are actually hypnotised. It sounded a bit far fetched at first, but then made perfect sense. I know full well that there are closed minded people out there who listen to nothing but the talking heads in the corner of their living room that just pumps out the propaganda and lies about this fake pandemic twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

– Joseph Goebbels (chief propagandist for the German Nazi Party, and Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945).

Those influenced viewers are also ‘Statists’ who believe that the state is always right, is the expert on all things, has their welfare at heart and would never lie to them. Anyone who tries to break that spell with truth – regardless of the evidence and proof from eminent and respected scientists, doctors and researchers in their relative fields, the hypnotised will not listen and instead use derogatory terms to label such truth sayers as deranged and mad ‘conspiracy theorists’.

They will not discuss the subject and simply parrot what they’ve heard from the mainstream media (MSM) just like echo chambers. They have no personal knowledge of the subject, and point blank refuse to listen to anything they hear, except from ‘official’ sources.

Have you ever seen a stage hypnotist put some of the audience under? They have total control over the volunteers and can get them to believe outlandish things, like possibly that they are a dog. They can then be persuaded to run around on all fours and bark. It sounds incredible, but it’s a reality – we have strange brain processes that can be hijacked. Talking of brain processes, there is also what’s called cognitive dissidence at play, when it comes to failing to snap out of the perceived reality and back into actual reality.

Cognitive dissonance causes feelings of unease and tension, and people attempt to relieve this discomfort in different ways. Examples include “explaining things away” with illogical arguments, or ignoring/ rejecting new information that conflicts with their existing belief system. This can also make them subconsciously turn away or be averted from any research or study into the subject that causes them mental discomfort.

Above all, there’s the over-arching influence – FEAR – irrational and illogical fear is the quickest way to short circuit reason and common sense. It also makes people extremely vulnerable to suggestion – ideal candidates for hypnosis! These make up that section of humanity that are sadly a lost cause and not worth wasting our time on – they are totally under the influence of the ‘hypnotists’. There is virtually nothing that can be done for them. In effect they have been turned into irreversible zombies.

The ostrich syndrome amongst some of the ‘fence sitters’

Then there’s another 50% who are silent witnesses to the drama. Most are fence sitters waiting to see what pans out of the mess. They don’t necessarily go along with the authoritarian things, they don’t fully accept the propaganda, but go with the flow. They are compliant and obedient but don’t necessarily accept what they are being exposed to. These are the ones who always wear the proven useless masks and follow the distancing rules and of course the not fit for purpose PCR testing,  whilst muttering their annoyance under their breath- but not openly to anyone else. This group also includes the ‘ostriches’. They stick their head in the sand, pretend nothing is happening and live in hope (whilst their head is in the sand) that when they pull it out, everything will be magically back to normal again! This sub group are the ones who carry on regardless, and follow their usual pursuits, that they believe are of paramount importance, whilst living in the world of “que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be)”. Someone else will sort it. Paraphrased it goes something like this::

I’m too busy to listen because I’ve got my head up my backside, whilst messing with my usual hobby or other unimportant interests that are MY big priority”.

The Remaining 20%

Are those of us who are working day and night to fight back against this evil that has befallen us, this is the main priority – unsolved we will just walk off the cliff of humanity as we know it. This group is wide awake, have open minds and are critical thinkers. They don’t need to be spoon-fed any rubbish or lies, because they have the ability to study what’s happening, evaluate the situation and work things out for themselves – from a truth and survival point of view. They do research of ALL information available to them, and have the confidence to come to their own accurate conclusion. They have absolutely no “unthinking respect for authority“, and are prepared to put their heads above the parapet to bring the truth to others who are asleep or living in abject fear and ignorance – based on lies. The big job at hand is to recruit from amongst the 50% ‘fence sitters’. Not all will respond (like the ostrich sub group), but enough can, to make a REAL difference in this war that is raging against humanity.

Mikki Willis Is One Such Truth Seeking Individual

Please click on the above image to pre order this book before it’s officially released next month (October)

I received an e-mail a few days ago, inviting me to pre-order Mikki’s book Plandemic. The book is about the two documentary films that Mikki’s produced.

The first instalment of PLANDEMIC, a 26 minute documentary featuring celebrated virologist Judy Mikovits, has been seen by over one billion people worldwide, setting a historic record. The premiere of PLANDEMIC 2 (aka INDOCTORNATION) featuring white collar crime investigator, Dr. David Martin, also set a world record with 2 million viewers attending the initial global livestream.

The two part series was declared “debunked” by critics all over the world. In the name of science and public safety. The ‘pretend gatekeepers of free speech’ took unprecedented measures to censor the information they called “dangerous conspiracy theory.”

When Dr. Mikovits made the bold claim that SARS Cov-2 was manipulated in a lab, she was smeared as “crazy.” When Dr. Martin exposed the patents and paper trail proving that Dr. Fauci was funding dangerous so-called gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab, critics laughed.

Today, the critics are no longer laughing. Through accredited scientific studies, every major claim made within the PLANDEMIC series has been validated as accurate. PLANDEMIC is now being acknowledged for being among the first to warn the world of the agenda to reduce the liberties of citizens through medical tyranny.

Although Mikki Willis had no intention of receiving awards for this series, he and his team are honoured to have won the European Independent Film Award for Best Documentary, as it displays an encouraging shift in public awareness and courage.

We wish Mikki every success with his book, and BGB encourages all the subscribers and followers of this blog to consider buying it. It should be a particularly good read and should serve as a great boost to those of us who are in the trenches with the likes of Mikki Willis and many others who are all doing their bit to win this war that we have been driven into.

Below are the two films that make up parts 1 & 2 of the documentary. You may have seen the first, due to it’s phenomenal number of views, possibly not the second part. They are being published here for the benefit of newcomers into the realm of truth seekers.

Here is the original (Part 1) of Mikki Willis’ Documentary – PLANDEMIC

Here is a BGB Reproduction of The Pandemic 2 Documentary – INDOCTORNATION

By spreading this information far and wide among the unhypnotised 50%, we WILL turn the tide – as is currently happening as more people wake up daily across the world. But the war is not over until the perpetrators of this evil planned scam are behind bars for their crimes against humanity.

Addendum – some really good news.

Here is a copy of a second e-mail I’ve received from Mikki Willis since writing the above:

Dear Friend,

Yesterday morning, I sent an announcement about the release of my new book, PL@NDEMIC: FEAR IS THE VIRUS. TRUTH IS THE CURE.
Thanks to YOU, by lunch time, it exploded from
#19,496 to #17 out of all books on Amazon!

One email blast. You did the rest! I could not be more inspired and grateful for your support. Thank you friends for stepping up and as they say… “voting with your dollars.”

The more we direct our currencies towards people and products that actually care about our country, our communities and and our well being, the faster we eradicate this virus of tyranny.

With ONE MORE BIG PUSH this weekend, we will reach #1 in Best Sellers on Amazon!  Let’s show the power hungry technocrats who’s really in charge.

As I shared yesterday, 100% of the profits go directly to a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to creating new and healthier educational curriculums for our next generations.

For me, this is about taking a stand against those who are undermining our families, our freedoms and our future.

Let’s show them THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE!

Order your advance copy of PL@NDEMIC: FEAR IS THE VIRUS. TRUTH IS THE CURE.

In Gratitude,

Mikki Willis


Isn’t that a boost for us all? We are winning this war. The sleeping giant (THE PEOPLE) has been woken up, and we can see the latent power he has! We are the 99% – the psychopathic Cabal controlled and unimaginably  rich globalist elites behind this planned attack on humanity are the 1% of the remaining 1% who currently control things.


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