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A quiz is a form of mind sport in which participants attempt to answer questions correctly about a certain subject. Quizzes can be used as a brief assessment in education to measure growth in



New ‘Virgin’ Visitors

If  you’re new to BGB and have been propagating your knowledge of the so-called Covid ‘pandemic’ from the mainstream media (MSM), then your knowledge of this ‘pandemic’ will have been based on lies and corrupt information that is NOT based on accurate scientific information. Critical information and a balanced viewpoint from all medical experts on both sides of the divide has been the victim of news blackout – for sinister reasons based on corruption, bribery, influence, power, money and control.

BGB Followers

If you have been following this blog for some time, you will be aware of the truths behind the ‘pandemic’ and the ultimate goal of those who influence governments to inject as many as possible of the world’s population with a killer inoculation that has nothing to do with a professed  SARS CoV- 2 new ‘killer’ virus, which has never been isolated, identified or had it’s genome properly sequenced (without computer modelling) in a laboratory – which begs the question: “Does it exist?” Or did we just experience an annual winter time detoxification of our bodies, commonly referred to as a winter flu season virus, as per the Germ Theory – which has never been proven [more info HERE].

Now It’s – Quiz Time!

Our friends at:


Have devised an on-line quiz, that will test your knowledge on the COVID subject. This will separate the sheeple from the critical thinking humans who rely solely on truth, evidence and accuracy and not propaganda and misinformation from the MSM.

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