The Two ‘Jimmies’

If you’re old enough to remember the old BBC programme in the UK called ‘The Two Ronnies’ – who complemented each other so well on that show, (when the BBC turned out half decent material), you’ll understand the heading!

Here you have the two ‘Jimmies’ – who also compliment each other at an intellectual level of critical and open minded thinking. What they talk about is probably old hat to the awakened ones who follow this blog. For new viewers, who are still in semi sleep mode, or are in the ‘just waking up’ phase, and taking baby steps, you’ll find their conversation really intriguing:


I hope you enjoyed that. Hopefully it will encourage you to also peer down the rabbit hole! It’s quite a shock to realise how so many of us have been duped, and had our perception of reality constructed for us from birth.

This hoax pandemic has certainly brought what has been happening for a long time to the centre of the stage, and people’s attention – assuming that the public ‘Zombies’ can be woken and turned back from the cliff edge.

Corbett’s Documentary On Bill Gates

On the subject of the two hour documentary that James Corbett produced, and is mentioned in the first video above. BGB ran an article on this very subject that included the shenanigans that Bill Gates has been up to for many years as a leading henchman on behalf of the Cabal (or Globalists Inc. as James Corbett teasingly refers to them!).

You can view that post that was published on this blog back in June 2020. It contains a four part video series that cover the whole of the original Corbett documentary:

View Published ARTICLE

A Taste Of One Of Corbett’s Recent Excellent Reports – ‘Meet The World Economic Forum’

You’ve heard of it – on the mainstream media – but how much do you actually know about it’s murky origins and the reality of it’s mission? Not a lot probably. So here’s a deeper, below the surface glimpse at how it fits into the Cabal’s ancient agenda to depopulate the earth and totally control the remainder.

The recent fear campaign over a non existent ‘pandemic’ was a contrived stepping stone to soften humans up for what was to come – through fear of death and non compliance, spearheaded by the (UN) WHO and taken advantage of by the WEF. This is one organisation (now also partnered with the United Nations), that you need to keep a close eye on – it is a mad, zany frontline player in this evil drama that is being played out in front of our eyes, but unseen by the majority.

Few expose it better than James Corbett

who has been a leading researcher in this field for nearly two decades.

You can view and read more of James Corbett’s work by clicking on ‘The Corbett Report’ link in the right hand panel of this page – under RCOMMENDED EXTERNAL SITES’ (or if you’re viewing this page on a mobile device – the page is re-jigged and the right hand panel appears at the bottom of your screen).

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