The Immanuel Project: Corona Crisis Explained

In this video I would like to introduce Project Immanuel, which critically examines the scientific background of the so-called “Corona Crisis.” With the help of the German virologist and scientist Dr. Steffan Lanka PhD, all fundamental publications on SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it is purported to cause – COVID-19 are closely scrutinised and scientifically examined in a series of publications.

The main objective is to make science understandable to everyone. All the necessary technical terms and scientific procedures of virology and microbiology that one needs to know and understand are explained in a way that is easy for everyone to comprehend and is illustrated with many examples.

This is a scientific project.

This means, for one thing, that although I have been very critical of all that has been done and has happened during the Corona crisis, I always remain open-minded and neutral. I do not take sides with anyone, nor do I condemn anyone at face value, but only on provable facts. I analyse everything from a purely scientific medical point of view. Nothing is accepted unless it is backed up with facts that survive the ‘acid test’ of scrutiny. I also emphatically ask you, the viewer, not to simply believe any of MY statements! On the contrary, doubt, be critical and question me (see the challenge at the foot of this post). Anyone who can refute my statements, I hereby cordially invite everyone to do so, but it should be done with tangible, verifiable facts – not mainstream/ government hearsay. If I have made mistakes, I am happy to correct them – but the burden of proof lies with you that what I have published for the last sixteen months is fake or inaccurate.

Behind Project Immanuel is a small group of independent filmmakers who want to help bring into the public domain scientific facts that are ignored by the majority of people – only because they do not conform to the predominant world view and are blindly accepted as a consensus – without question. Consensus is not always correct – we have all heard of the time that the consensus was that the earth is flat and the whole universe revolves around it. People were burnt at the stake for not accepting that consensus!


Before delving further into that subject, we need to take a step back, and first establish the facts about a so called ‘viral’ infection, whether viruses exist as living communicable organisms, and if they do, which is very much a debated subject among some leading medical scientists, why has the Covid-19 outbreak been labelled a global pandemic? Find out more about that HERE.

If the corona (novel) virus cannot be confirmed, and the manufactured pandemic hysteria not dismantled, then where is the purpose of a vaccine? Lesser still, the experimental use of a gene altering mRNA concoction, That is NOT a VACCINE – although portrayed by those pushing the agenda – like the mainstream media – as a vaccine. Let’s crawl first, before we start running.


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(1) “A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China”
PUBLICATION: “Ein neues Coronavirus im Zusammenhang mit menschlichen Atemwegserkrankungen in China” [Englisch]
AUTHORS: Fan Wu, Su Zhao, Bin Yu, Yan-Mei Chen et al.
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(3) “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR”
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SOURCE: “Euro Surveill. 2020;25(3):pii=2000045.

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