What Makes This Personally Hurt Me Even More . . .

I lost my dear brother-in-law this week to cancer. He was more like a son to me than a brother-in-law, as he was a lot younger than me, and had lived with me and my wife (now deceased for many years) who was his older sister, in fact she was more like a mother to him than a sister – being almost old enough to have been his mother. We lived under the same roof from the  time he was in school, up to the time that he got married. I hope I never have to see someone suffer and pass away like that again for as long as I live.

What REALLY hurt was that he has died of a condition that he personally had no hand in and could do nothing about. Had he been healthy during this fake pandemic, he would never have worn a face nappy, social distanced or followed any of the ridiculous government directives, because he was intelligent, did his own diligent research and used his own mind rather than be told what to do by devious sources for ulterior motives. He would not under ANY circumstances have volunteered for an experimental gene altering injection which could have killed him.

How ironic that he has died anyway but not because he was daft enough to get injected with one of the current experimental injections. The sickener for me is that I see daft, ignorant and under educated masses queuing to roll their sleeves up for a treatment that is obvious to all (except the utterly blind and deaf who only listen to mainstream media propaganda for all their information), that a part of the global inoculation programme is a feature of the planned agenda by the evil Cabal – that dictates to most of the governments of the world –  to carry out their planned genocide programme to depopulate the earth, as they’ve been saying they want to do for decades and decades. That time has arrived, the masses have been sleep walking into it, whilst accusing the ones warning about this catastrophe that they are ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘tin foil hat’ wearers. It is totally surreal, with more than a hint of herd mentality and insanity.

News And Evidence From America.

The experimental mRNA injections are killing and maiming swathes of the population by the hundreds of thousands. That information is being kept well away from the people whose research and “educational studies” of these things goes no further than the box in the corner of their living room. Here’s a glimpse of what is actually happening:


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Download it, then reupload it on to a video streaming platform of your choice (apart from You Tube – who will probably sensor it immediately to stop the facts and truths from getting out). Or just forward the link to all your friends, family and other uninformed people you care for.

Closer to Home

Here is an interview conducted by James Delingpole with a NHS whistle-blower employee (called ‘Nina’ for anonymity, and with voice altering technology to hide their identity). Quite an eye opener. Listen to it through to the end, and you’ll realise what the reality is behind hospital and GP surgery doors.


In Conclusion – “Let The Dead Bury The Dead”

Let the dead bury the dead ” is an expression used either to encourage someone to put humanitarian spiritual responsibilities first – above all else; or to encourage a person not to dwell in the past – to move on from old indoctrinations, brainwashing and senseless conflicts, for the sake of their own well-being. The idiom ‘let he dead bury their dead’ appears twice in the Greek Scriptures of the Bible.  In the context of this article, it’s a case of letting the brain-dead blind, who will not listen to the science about Covid-19, or the evidence of what is happening bury their dead – whilst others keep on enlightening people about the reality and the ultimate seriousness of what is happening globally around them.

As I’ve stated many times on this blog, I do not follow or believe the doctrines and teachings of ANY manmade organised religion, they are all corrupted and flawed – but the wisdoms of enlightened texts from ancient times always shine through, and I’m not just referring to the Bible. With regard to the frame of reference to ancient wisdoms, one should not throw the baby out with the bath water, by understanding the difference between corrupted organised religions, including governments, dictated to by evil influences and the sources of truth and wisdom that is available, regardless of where that truth and wisdom originates.

This is a planned, fake pandemic that statistics show kills ONLY 0.03% of those with the symptoms of the illness, and almost all of them have serious comorbidities, the vast number being over 80 years of age.  99.97% make a total recovery with no ill effects. It takes very little thought to realise that there is no valid reason for injecting everyone, especially with an experimental mRNA/ DNA gene altering treatment that has never before been tried on humans. Surely this should prompt people to ask why. It has been officially admitted that the injections do not stop infection, it does not stop contagiousness – so what is it for?

On the other hand, we know from past statements from various sources like Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger et al that there is a concerted effort to depopulate the earth down to around 500,000.000 (half a billion) from the present 7,800,000,000 (7,8 billion) in existence. Ask yourself how do you do that? Think syringes and an excuse in the form of a hoax pandemic.

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From day one, I, and others have been warning what the intention is. It was never anything to do with a ‘viral’ pandemic, it was all to do with inoculation. Sure enough, that’s what has transpired – but people, due to cognitive dissonance and the effects of corrupt media lies and government propaganda simply put their heads in the sand, hoping it would soon pass as long as they are compliant, wear their masks, social distance, stop travelling and acquiesce to voluntary house arrest . Perhaps when enough have been affected by this untried, untrialled and  non approved inoculation programme has killed and maimed enough people then the penny will drop. Sadly by then it may be too late.

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