The Pressure Gets Unbearable At Times

Dr. Vernon Coleman has suffered intense, vicious and serious attacks over the last year. He’s been reviled, regular attempts are made to perform character assassinations on him (they won’t debate him on scientific grounds, so they attack his character instead – a well known ploy). He has his information platforms attacked from all angles by the evil ones who answer to the Cabal. The MSM press have tried their best to lie about him at every opportunity, and the likes of the British Army’s 77 Brigade have engaged thousands of trolls and social attack dogs to hound him with lies and misinformation in an attempt to shut him up and bring him down.  To date they’ve failed.

Whilst all of us who are fighting on the front line, in this truth war against those who have perpetrated the biggest lie and greatest attack on humanity ever; we don’t get the negative psychologically draining attention targeted at the likes of Dr. Coleman. This is because as a best selling author in many countries in the world (over two million in the UK alone) of over one hundred books, and his tireless efforts to bring truth to the people, through his social media contributions through videos, he has become incredibly popular and has an army of followers. Those others of us who do similar work, don’t get the same attention from the authorities, because they – the enemy –  don’t deem us to be as dangerous to them as Vernon Coleman. His output has skyrocketed during these tumultuous times, and his followers have exponentially skyrocketed during the same period, as their eyes are opened to the truth. In fact he is so revered by many, that they view him as their Commander In Chief of the fightback on video streaming platforms!

Only Human

However, he is only human, and these incessant attacks on him take their toll. A short time ago he announced that he was going to stop producing any more videos as the strain was getting too great for him. He is a very sensitive person, and feels deeply about other people’s suffering. He is immensely principled, and has an empathetic and sympathetic nature, this makes him quite emotional when he sees the carnage around him. It gets him down when he sees the way that fellow human beings are being scammed, duped and lied to and made to suffer (sometimes as far as death) at the hands of the psychopathic evil ones whose plan is to decimate the human population and make slaves of the remainder. It is this caring nature that no doubt originally led him into medicine over half a century ago. His love of life even extends to the momentous work he’s done to alleviate cruelty to animals as well as humans.

 In a moment of depression he felt he could not carry on, and announced he was no longer going to record more videos. But, like the mythical Phoenix he’s risen out of the burning ashes of despair. So “The Doctor Returns”.

Let him explain all this to you in the following brilliant, latest  video of his:

Make no mistake this IS a war, even if you have your head buried in the sand, waiting for a return to normal, but you are involved whether you like it or not. In fact Boris Johnson has likened the situation to a war against the phantom Covid-19 apparent ‘novel’ (unisolated, unidentified and it’s genome not sequenced) virus. That of course is crass propaganda and a huge lie. The REAL war is between a small number of controlling elites – the likes of Johnson, his advisors and others who are in on this scam under the control of the Cabal. The hoax pandemic and their total control of the MSM are their most powerful of weapons. On the other side there’s a growing number of ordinary people who are fighting for the lives and the future of all humanity. The time is fast approaching when the people will have to make their minds up and wake up to whether they want subservience under a technocratic world-wide dictatorship, or the basic right to live as free humans on this earth. The choice is yours, but as with the gene changing mRNA injections – be sure to make an INFORMED choice. They may have the weapons of government propaganda, but we, the people have 99% of the ultimate power (they are the 1%). If we all wake up and unite across the globe we WILL WIN this war.

Always bear in mind:

“It’s not the dog in the fight that counts, but the fight in the dog”.

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