A Couple Of Days Break

I’m having a quiet few days this week. So, no fully researched usual article for you to read today I’m afraid. Instead read my boxing history lesson below, make yourself a nice cup of tea/ your favourite beverage, find a comfy chair and enjoy the two videos I’ve hand picked for you, plus, a boxing fan’s insight into a certain ‘special’ group of people. First up:

1 – Max Igan’s Words of Wisdom:

An Added Tit-bit

At the very end of the above video (around 39 minutes in), there’s a short clip of an interview with ‘Big’ John Fury. For those that don’t know, or who are not very conversant with the boxing circles, he is the father of The Gypsy King (Tyson Fury) the current world WBC heavyweight champion. John Fury  himself is a former professional boxer and a highly regarded trainer. They are originally from a Celtic Traveller family (Irish Gypsies); John trained his son Tyson Fury in his early days and now he and his brother Peter  train Tyson’s brother Tommy. Another brother  – Shane Fury – is a retired super heavyweight amateur boxing champion. Tyson and cousin Billy Joe Saunders (currently the WBO world champion) are unbeaten in the ring; Tommy is touted as a future world heavyweight champion. Also involved is Peter Fury (John’s brother).  I have HUGE admiration for this family.

As some who know me personally may be aware, I’m an ardent boxing fan – from childhood on. My family on my father’s side especially, are fighters and fans of boxing going back to my grandfather who would tell me stories as a young lad of how Tommy Farr from Clydach Vale in the Rhondda Valley came so close to beating the legendary heavyweight – Joe Louis – at Yankee Stadium, New York. Dadcu (Granddad in English) had listened to the fight on a crackly radio along with dozens more crowded around  someone’s ‘wireless’ in the early hours of the morning (not many had a wireless  in the thirties), they were full of baited hope that Tommy would bring the heavyweight crown back with him to Wales – that was on a balmy night – back in August 1937. Tommy narrowly failed on a points decision. Not many boxers go to America and came back victorious (Tyson Fury is one of them), if the bout was a close affair, with no knockdowns or stoppages.

Liam Williams – also from Tommy Farr’s home town of Clydach in the Rhondda (he also bears an amazing  resemblance to a young Tommy Farr). He will hopefully bring the WBO world middleweight belt back with him this weekend, after defeating the current champion Demetrius Andrade. Following on in the traditions of our family, my youngest son Teifion is a promising amateur middle weight boxer. Dadcu would have been proud of him, but he died in 1971, a long time before Teifion or any of his brothers were born.

Johnny ‘Boxer’ Lewis – A Legend In Boxing Circles

Top. From the left: Alex (my No.3 son), Moi, Johnny ‘Boxer’ Lewis and Brett (my No. 1 son) Bottom on left me and my four sons. Right – Johnny at the last boxing tournament we attended together with him – giving advice to Joe the Welsh Junior ABA middleweight champion at that time..

My dear old  friend – John Lewis (Johnny Boxer as he was affectionally known by everyone here) was a neighbour of mine, sadly he passed away at the end of 2020 – NOT from the phantom Covid 19, but a stroke – bless him – he was nearing 90 and as fit as a flea. I miss him terribly – we spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in my home office, talking boxing past and present, with the odd wager on bouts we didn’t both agree on who would win. He died in the middle of a wager on the future Tyson/ Joshua fight – obviously I fancied Tyson Fury and he fancied Anthony Joshua – another tenner gone missing for me!

John discovered Dick Richardson during their army conscription days together in the fifties (John himself had been a promising professional lightweight division boxer before being conscripted) and was afterwards Dick’s career-long trainer. Dick was British and European heavyweight champion in the early sixties. But I’m getting  carried away here and digressing.

Fighters of a Kind

 Some families are born to fight – especially those from the Celtic nations (in Wales we don’t just sing and work down coal mines! We excel at contact sports  like rugby and boxing). It is theorised that many of us carry the ‘warrior’ gene in us – as researched by genetics scientists  in the Netherlands and New Zealand some years back. Regardless of that, be it as it may, people like the Fury family and indeed those within my own family, bring that fighting spirit to the surface, especially when it comes to things like this hoax ‘pandemic’.

We have an instinctive distrust of governments and  ‘authority and we have the astuteness and critical thinking ability to see through a scam when we see one. Unlike the masses, we don’t get easily sucked in and duped – like many – we are often viewed as instinctive nonconformist, as our natural make up dictates. We always win any fight in the end or we’ll die in the effort if need be.

That’s what I love about the Fury family – they don’t give a monkey’s what others think, because they trust their own judgement, as I was always taught to do from birth, by my grandfather, my father and his four brothers. My four sons are carrying on in the same tradition. We are not gullible pansies that need the Cabal to think for us. We trust our own judgement and will not wilt or be forced to wear a symbol of subservience like a mask or suffer lockdowns for a hoax pandemic, which was a seasonal, cyclical virus, a clever rebranding of a normal run of the mill winter virus, and they called it Covid-19, frightening people shitless with talk that it would wipe out swathes of the population. A rather benign virus which killed less people than an usual, seasonal flu virus. It only managed to kill 0.03% of those that caught it, and they had chronic underlying comorbidities and their age group was on average 84 years. Go figure as the Americans say, and whilst you’re at it check the total global death rates from all causes during this period of insanity. It’s still below the annual average for the last 5 years. The 2017/18 season killed a lot more from a particularly nasty outbreak of flu in that year – no masks or lockdowns back then. We all got on with our lives – some of us still do during this hoax ‘scamdemic’. Many more should switch off their TV sets, wake up and do the same

2 – David Icke’s Usual Pearls on Freemasonry, Secret Societies and The Pandemic.


Out Of Interest: Which Mask Do You Wear?

Enjoy . . . .

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