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It is now an embarrassment of so much choice. Finding a new professional from among the thousands of world leading professors, doctors, scientists, lawyers and medical researchers – not to mention former vice presidents of companies like Pfizer (e.g. Dr. Mike Yeadon) who have put their heads above the parapet and spoken out about the scam that revolves around the hoax pandemic and the deathly mRNA ‘vaccines’. As their ranks swell, it is a simple matter to pick any one out, there is an abundance of choice. However here is a new one for BGB: Dr. Colin Barron, the Scottish equivalent to Dr. Vernon Coleman (who is incidentally a very old and good friend of Dr. Barron).

ALL Conspiracy Theorists?

Well the mainstream media would like you to think that, but the government and MSM mantra is becoming so threadbare that even the most zealous ‘Statists’ who believe everything the establishment tells them – as if it’s a cult belief system or religion – are starting to see through it to the reality – beyond the propaganda fog.

Over a million protestors marched through Berlin a few months back – only to be referred to as “a few hundred ‘conspiracy theorists’.”

You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you won’t fool ALL the people ALL the time! Especially when they are world renowned experts in their fields.

So here we have the latest voice to be aired on BGB – Doctor Colin Barron:

Not Just A Qualified & Experienced Doctor But Quite a Satirist As Well

In his second video below, he ponders what the UK would be like if the Nazis had won the second world war. A very astute observation!

Another ‘Old Man In a Chair’ sharing words of wisdom –


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