The Reality About The mRNA Vaccination

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By digging a little deeper you may be shocked at what you find. Contrary to what you are being spoon-fed from the mainstream media (MSM), the reality is totally different to many people’s perceived reality. Their sole source of information being the TV or Radio.

With a worrying number of recipients of this experimental gene altering inoculation either dying or getting seriously injured from this untested experimental vaccine, it would be prudent to listen carefully to what Dr. Tenpenny has to say about this treatment, which has only been rolled out for only a matter of weeks to date. It is not properly tested and the main trials have been skipped. It can be likened to playing Russian roulette with your future health.

Information From An Expert On The Subject

Someone who has studied this subject in great depth over twenty years, and having spent in excess of 40,000 hours researching and reading peer reviewed papers on the process of vaccination is Doctor Sherri Tenpenny. It would be prudent for those who intend to receive this treatment – without a full knowledge of the possible consequences – to listen carefully to what she has to say in this video of a conversation that she recently had with Reinette Senum:

What will happen in 41 – 365 days from the time you receive it? Or even years down the line? It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. In fact Dr. Tenpenny is convinced that it is a tool of genocide, with no liability – which has been waivered by governments – for those involved in manufacturing or dispensing it; if people’s bodies are ruined, or worse, if a loved one dies after accepting it no one has any legal recourse.

The understanding of what INFORMED consent is about should be foremost on everyone’s mind. We need tons more information released and more especially exactly what is contained in this new ‘miraculous’ mRNA vaccine, which has NEVER before been used on humans. Are you a gambling person – are you happy to be a guinea pig? Do you think that protection against a disease that has a mortality rate of 0.03% (in other words 99.97% of people who contract it make a full recovery). These incidentally are official figures that you can check up on the Office for National Statistics website.

More Information From Early Data Surrounding The Roll-out

UK Column News, in their broadcast of the 8th of February this year, highlighted the early feedback of cases of Covid-19 deaths, more especially in care homes – after they received their vaccination. It does not make comfortable reading. It would appear that Dr. Tenpenny’s warnings are already starting to be realised. This is only after only a few short weeks of the vaccine being rolled out – with huge enthusiasm and trumpeting by the government and the NHS. What the medium to long term consequences could be are not known by anyone, but going by initial statistics, it doesn’t bode well. What IS known is that earlier trials on animals – (infected with  coronaviruses) going back at least two decades, have shown that animals exposed to this type of vaccination appear to have an initial enhanced immune response; but later – when exposed to a similar virus ‘in the wild’ (or the original virus) –  they ALL died, through cytokine storm responses.

Bear in mind that the assumed new Covid-19 disease is in the coronavirus family, i.e. the common cold, some flus and other infections. So how will recipients respond to exposure to not only the supposed Covid-19 causing coronavirus but to a cold, or a future flu outbreak OR future inoculations against a winter flu?

Here is an excerpt from the UK Column News broadcast:

Of course it’s not just Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and UK Column News who are warning about this. Here is an earlier video published by BGB on what other medical and scientific experts have to say:

You will have noticed that a few of the experts who were involved in the above video mentioned the World Doctors Alliance. Tens of thousands of doctors worldwide are supporting the alliance. You can view their website by clicking HERE.

It’s easy for the likes of the BBC to glibly brush these experts aside, by accusing them all of being ‘conspiracy theorists’ because what they warn about, goes contrary to the establishment line – this information is being aggressively censored both by the MSM and social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the usual suspects who work in harmony with the Cabal who dictate to governments. Do you honestly believe that such eminent and experienced people, many world leaders in their fields, are ALL conspiracy theorists? It’s time to wake up to the truth and the true reality of what is going on around us.

Your Body – Your Choice

Of course you have the freedom to stick your head in the sand, as you have the freedom to allow yourself to be duped – regardless of the scientific facts. However, if you do volunteer to roll up your sleeve, at least take the time and care to be fully in possession of the information you need – to make an INFORMED DECISION regarding your permission to be injected.

Also take a moment to consider what this kind of technology could do to future generations of your children. Once inoculated, there’s no going back, and being a DNA altering procedure, the process is irreversible and your modified genes get passed on to your future generations through children you may have, after you have been treated with an mRNA vaccine. A risk worth taking over a hoax pandemic that only takes the lives of 0.03% of the population? Most of whom have existing life threatening co-morbidities. It’s time to put your thinking cap on!

Latest Document Published by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

The following document (mentioned in the UK Column News video excerpt above) is a copy of the information that has been released by the MHRA. More will follow in due course.


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