Is The Information Too Complicated?

For some, the information that is routinely published on BGB is rather complicated for them, too deep and is unfamiliar to many of the general public. This is not a criticism of the average person’s ability to understand, but a reflection of the general level of knowledge that most people have of the subject material – it has nothing to do with their intelligence (although intelligence is not always an indicator that someone is not stupid – as discussed in a previous post).

The other factor is confusion. As the public is drowning in false or misleading information from the Main Stream Media (MSM) sources of propaganda to promote this hoax pandemic; when the public come across the opposite narrative based on proper science and not the pseudo variety – which seems to change weekly – they understandably become confused. The more complex the information provided the more confused people become.

The K.I.S.S. Principle

To ‘keep it simple stupid’ we sometimes need to ask simple, uncomplicated questions, based on observations at ground level in everyday life – that everyone experiences. To do that BGB has produced the little video shown below, which gets to the heart of the matter.

For those who have realised and understand what is happening right under our noses, and want to bring that information out into the wider public, especially to those who have lost all of their basic logical reasoning – through fear and hysteria – which is purposely generated by governments via the MSM. Any narrative which exposes the planned pandemic hoax  is heavily censored on social media and video streaming platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. You have to ask this question as well: ‘If the truth is being censored and buried then why’? Surely if the opposite information presented in opposition to the government line is not based on facts and evidence then the establishment should have nothing to worry about surely?

Here are the 25 very basic and simple questions that you can ask those around you in a friendly and helpful way. No need for friction or aggression – just focus on the simple, observable facts.

Ask Your Own Questions

BGB has been constantly asking  questions of the governments of England and Wales and other organisations involved, since the declaration of a pandemic by the World Health Organisation.

You can view them in our Correspondence Journal – we seldom get satisfactory replies, we usually get fuzzy or obscure replies, rather than straight answers to straight questions, presumably to guard against giving anything away, with the proverbial can being kicked down the road, in the hope that we will stop pestering. That won’t happen.

You should consider writing to your MP or MS with your own questions, and ask them why there is no longer parliamentary scrutiny being applied to what is supposed to be a democracy. You should also remind them that their first obligation is to the welfare of their constituents. They are your servants not your masters.

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