Time To Take Stock Of Where We Are In This Crisis

Amidst all the confusion and background noise (especially from the MSM talking heads) some find it hard to find their bearings, and are unsure of what has been happening and what is about to happen. This is a ploy that ‘THEY’ use to keep everyone unsure and off balance. New directives and orders are issued by the day, some new, some old, some repealed and then put back in force again. It’s all designed to cause psychological insecurity – a well known technique among interrogators of captured war prisoners.

In this BGB reproduction of an original Ryan Cristián recording (founder/ editor of ‘The Last American Vagabond’ website). He takes a comprehensive look at many subjects, from politics to the Covid-19 scam and everything in between. After watching this film you’ll be up to date.

Much food for thought and a lot of fog lifting. The very first part is about American politics  post last November’s elections, the division and turmoil  and the myth of a two party system of government with each party’s supporters at each others throats (just like in the UK also – but in reality both parties are actually batting for the same team – Starmer’s stance being a classic example when it comes to this hoax pandemic) – those in real power love that scenario – it’s the classic divide and conquer tactic. This is what I’ve repeatedly pointed out on this blog when it comes to two party systems.

The government in power is just a face on a sock puppet. The hand in the sock is what is controlling the puppet. Whether one party or the other is in power – it doesn’t matter – it is the ongoing overall agenda of the puppet masters (the Cabal) that dictate (who are they? Well a clue is Davos and the latest meeting of the coven of Cabal henchmen that’s being held there). The parties are just token images that appear to have different dogmas. Shallow thinkers only see the veneer. The public believe that they are supporting ‘their’ party in opposition to the other main party. They fight and bicker and remain divided over this, but in reality they are being deceived to believe in a perception of reality – they are being simply ‘played’ due to their ignorance of the true reality. This power play has been in existence for many decades, as the Cabal consolidated it’s control and influence over governments and world events.

Ryan then deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns and finally the vaccines. It’s a comprehensive stroll through facts that should leave the viewer in no doubt about the reality of the current situation – shrouded in the darkness of this contrived and planned hoax pandemic.

It’s long, so be prepared with your favourite beverage on hand! If it’s too much in one go, why not view it in chunks. A practical way of doing that is to make use of the ‘Bookmark’ feature below, so that you can quickly be reunited with it as and when you you choose. Enjoy!

You should now have a clearer view of the BIGGER PICTRE

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