What Is Technocracy and What Do They Do in Davos?

 ”Technocracy’ (not to be confused with theocracy!) is a term you may have heard bandied about during this period of ‘pandemic’ panic. Technocracy is a system of government in which a decision-maker or makers are appointed or self-appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge. However, many from amongst the public  don’t understand what technocracy is actually about or where it originates.Simply explained it’s a system of totalitarian rule by technocrats – rather than rule by any other type of government, either elected by the people, or even a political dictatorship.

In Huxley’s novel, written in 1931, the government of Brave New World retains control by making its citizens so happy and superficially fulfilled that they don’t care about their personal freedom. In Brave New World the consequences of state control are a loss of dignity, morals, values, and emotions — in short, a loss of humanity. Sounds familiar?

In it’s basic form – which we have seen globally during this crisis – technocrats (or supposed ‘experts’) are seen to be controlling government policies and diktats, in the guise of providing technological/ medical advice to the government. In the UK we’ve seen the likes of Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty giving briefings on coronavirus, also – not so ably – assisted by the likes of the disgraced Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London – who incidentally is still in the mix even after his phoney resignation. In the US you have Anthony Fauci and his cronies dictating to the government over the pond. The same applies to many other governments around Europe and the rest of the world. There’s nothing wrong with seeking advice, because most politicians are as clueless as their constituents when it comes to matters like medical knowledge or knowledge of contagious diseases.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Starting with advice, they quickly start to dictate what governments should do and what their policies should be, eventually they take over the reins. Genuine advisors would not do that, but technocrats involved in this crisis come from a far more sinister source, with far more sinister agendas. These agendas are propagated from the W.H.O., the U.N. and the World Economic Forum (W.E.F.), all controlled and contrived by the corrupt Cabal’s elites, both global corporates and others in positions of power and influence with unimaginable wealth. It’s soon realised that you only have to have control of a relatively small number of corrupt technocrats activated during a false pandemic, to quickly dictate the policies of governments the world over. That’s when it gets dangerous – as you’ll learn from the video below.

An Introduction To The Video

In the video you’ll hear an interview with Patrick Wood (Executive Director and Founder founder of Citizens For Free Speech and author of the book ‘The Hard Road to World Order’). Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. Also taking part in the video is Alex Jones – now before you get ready to shoot the messenger – as Alex is known to be rather an eccentric, outspoken and controversial character, bear with him, because his knowledge and understanding of the reality of what is happening in the world at present is spot-on. Listen to him with an open mind, and don’t be influenced by what some others have said about him in the past.



The New World Order/ The Great Reset

Warned about for a long time by the more critical thinkers and astute observers, but derided by those with limited scope and very limited understanding of events – due to a closed minded and Statist view of reality, (that has been inculcated into their minds by the establishment). The fact is, the New World Order agenda has manifested itself in 2020. Few who are awake would question that statement. It is now out in the open for all to see, it is no longer hidden by those who have contrived for literally hundreds of years, and possibly thousands, to bring it about.

Also the purpose of the W.E.F. and what their plans are under the stewardship of Klaus Schwab at their favoured location for meetings in Davos is revealed in this video. You’ll also have an insight into what The Great Reset/ Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about. When the pieces are put together the picture is clear.

This information is critical, albeit sobering, for those who have not availed themselves of this information in the past. It’s not a pretty picture of the future, unless we, make a stand against what is happening right now. The first step is to become conversant with this information – if you have not done so in the past. Allowing your information to come from the mainstream media only will continue to blind you to reality.


If you haven’t read Aldous Huxley’s famous novel – which is an insight into a future dystopian society, then see this summary in cartoon format of what the novel is about.

It’s an unnervingly familiar scenario isn’t it?

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