All The Signs Of A Fascist Police State

You can’t blame every individual policeman who acts in a bullying way towards the public, although many have in my opinion, certain personality traits that attract them to the job – god knows I’ve come across a few in my lifetime! Without doubt there are cowardly bully boys, psychopaths and those with inadequacy personality tendencies. The job gives them more leeway to enact their traits and give them a little bit of power and status – but the blame for their recent conduct, at peaceful protests, comes from much further up. As Piers Corbyn (who has now probably been arrested more times than I’ve had a Sunday dinner this year), said previously – when he was arrested – when he queried why he was singled out, he was told that the order came from ‘way up the top’ – says it all really.

  1. Here’s a video from Northern Exposure showing David Scott interviewing Kate Shemirani who has been the official MC at some of these protests in Trafalgar Square – but not the organiser. Her recall of events is quite an eye opener:

2. Interviews with individuals in the crowd, conducted by Anna Brees a former BBC & ITV journalist and presenter:

3. A video showing how it got very nasty, with no provocation from the crowd, In fact at the start of the protest the crowd was asked to join in a minute of silence and contemplation for the policeman killed earlier in an unconnected incident in Croydon. But it’s evident that the plan was to smash up the peaceful protest in Trafalgar Square, London on the weekend, and goad the crowd to react in kind,  in order to have an excuse for violence and arrests. This was not a spontaneous action. Quite amazingly, there has been an almost total blackout of the event by the mainstream (propaganda) media.

WE Have The Ultimate Power

Protests are fine as far as they go, they draw attention to a problem (although that message is not put out by the media, the vast numbers of UK residents don’t even know that these protests are taking place). However protests will not ultimayely solve the problem. What we have seen from the authorities is a planned global operation carried out by bought and paid for technocrats who are influencing clueless politicians during this perceived time of crisis. This planned operation has little if anything to do with a ‘deadly’ pandemic. As diseases go, it’s incredibly benign and kills less people that a cyclical winter flu outbreak. It is however an excuse for a greater agenda, which is designed to head for a totalitarian world government, where decisions are made by technocrats, who are unelected and serve the interests of a certain minority, whilst the majority are enslaved in a fascist style, tyrannical and totalitarian police state totally serveilled and constantly monitored environment.

My views on protests – although I obviously completely support them in cases like this – was permanently altered when I saw millions out on the streets of London, demonstrating against the intended war on Iraq. The conclusion was that the war criminal Tony Blair, and his cronies ignored the protests and went to war to decimate a country on a false premise. What he and ‘baby’ Bush accomplished shows us that politicians are deaf to the wishes of the electorate – that was a prelude to what has since then been ramped up to total control by a few – so evident now with Boris Johnson wallowing in his new found power in the guise of the Coronavirus Emergency Act 2020. It’s time to get parliamentary scrutiny back into play.

More importantly, we have to realise that the ultimate power lies with the people of the world. We are 7.8 BILLION in number, it is our compliance and acquiescence that feeds the power wielded against us by rogue governments and their global corporate partnerships, who are miniscule in comparisons. Governments are the tool of the people, we put them there to protect and do our democratic bidding. That role has been inverted, we are now being controlled by the authorities and institutions that we put in place as our servants. This is our own fault. By our compliance and State-ist mentality which has been relentlessly ingrained into our subconscious, we have become complicit in their evil plans. It could be easily argued that if the masses woke up and started reacting, this madness could be over in an extremely short time – without the shedding of a drop of blood.


Simple – through the power of ‘NO’:

  • NO More compliancy.
  • NO More acceptance of what we are ordered to do without question
  • NO More lockdowns
  • NO More acceptance of pseudo science
  • NO More listening to technocrats who have hijacked our democratic system
  • NO More face coverings
  • NO More ‘social isolation’
  • NO More payment of ANY taxes
  • NO More payment of ANY utility bills
  • NO More payment of TV licencing
  • NO More payment of any government demands for money

NO More of anything that we are demanded to partake in

With enough participation in a campaign of civil disobedience this madness could be resolved virtually overnight. Our task is to wake people up, explain to them what they are sleepwalking into, and then at a predetermined date start the non co-operation. That way the oxygen that feeds the fire of the illusionary power of our oppressors very quickly gets snuffed out and proper control of our future is restored to us the people.

The trick of course is to bring this to the attention of the populace – that is where campaigning and protests come into play. An impossible dream? Look up the history of how Mahatma Gandhi took on the might of the British Empire and won, by waking his people up and organise civil disobedience, or check out how the Civil Rights movement of the sixties partly turned around the apartheid tradition in the USA. It worked by getting all coloured people, who mostly used the buses – but had to sit at the back – being non compliant. A major catalyst in the push for civil rights was in December 1955, when NAACP activist Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man. Black people  stopped using the bus service, that’s when the changes started to take place.

My Celtic Warrior Gene urges me to take the heads of some of these people, (including the police), off their shoulders with my bear hands in sheer anger at injustice, but my head says there’s a better and more efficient way, that has been proven to work.

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