The Great ‘CASEDEMIC’ Rages On

The Great ‘CASEDEMIC’ Rages On

The Way The Great CASEDEMIC Is Being Generated

It started off being called a deadly pandemic by the World health Organisation – an organisation that is bought and paid for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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As the more astute and critically minded soon realised it was NOT a pandemic, it quickly got labelled a ‘Plandemic’ – meaning a planned pandemic. Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD’s brilliant video exposed what it was about (view HERE) many then adopted the name ‘Plandemic’ for this strange flu-like illness that had been labelled a pandemic by the W.H.O.

Others went on to call it a ‘Scamdemic’. It has now morphed into a still more appropriate name: CASEDEMIC. Because the governments are rushing forward a testing regime, to try and fool people further (because the wheels are fast coming off their cart when it comes to this lie) – they are trying to pass off inaccurate Covid-19 tests as CASES of infection, which is total madness and designed to infuse further fear and confusion – via the mainstream government propaganda media – into the minds of the public.


The RT-PCR test has huge problems, is inaccurate and produces false positives along with some false negatives, it is therefore deemed to be too inaccurate for diagnostic purposes. Its inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis (born 28 December 1944 – Died: 7 August 2019), who received the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR manufacturing technique, said on record, that it was for research purposes only and not for medical diagnosis.

Please read BGB’s RT-PCR Fact Sheet by clicking on the graphic below:

False Results

An 80% false positive rate was reported from China in March 2020. The test is HIGHLY inaccurate and depends on the amplification of tiny strands of RNA that are exponentially increased over many cycles. A threshold is met after 35 cycles of amplification that shows false positives for this kind of test. The current standard cycle repetition number is generally set at 45 cycles, and has been since January 2020. This level of amplification cycles will invariably return false positives for the majority of tests carried out.

Furthermore, the RNA genetic ‘debris’ used for tests, gathered from contaminated samples that may contain remnants of any coronavirus (including a previous common cold infection, some strains of influenza and remnants of genetic debris from previous flu vaccinations can create a positive result from a RT-PCR test). Plus other material from lung fluid or throat/ nose swabs. The SARS-Cov-2 which supposedly causes the disease labelled Covid-19 has NEVER been isolated or identified as a ‘new’ virus. Therefore there is no genome data for that specific virus, so it cannot be distinguished from other multi strains of Corona viruses.

Disengage Your Amygdala

Please switch off the Amygdala (often referred to as the ‘reptilian brain) portion of your grey matter, calm down, listen and view the video below: and study the facts about this ‘CASEDEMIC’:



There has been a stampede by governments to rush into PCR testing for a virus that cannot be specifically identified. More test, more (false) positive results ensue. These numbers are then pushed out to the public disguised as ‘cases’, A case is a person verified as being ill, with symptoms and therefore assumed to be contagious. This ‘case’ propaganda is not only an inaccurate statement, but is absolutely unscientific, and a blatant lie, designed to cause more fear and panic among the medically under educated people in our society.

This lie and wicked scaremongering is incessantly pumped out by the mainstream media. One wonders why this blatant deception and misinformation is being spread. The answer is simple, to convince people that there is a second wave coming, when scientific research and statistical figures show that the virus has long gone. The death rate and hospitalisation of any Covid-19 patients is virtually at rock bottom, it’s flat-lined on all graphs based on ONS and CDC statistics. Of course the final goal is to get everyone vaccinated, so that they can, in their innocent ignorance, go out and face a brave new world of the new normal, and a reset version of the economic system that has collapsed a while ago.

The other REALLY frightening thing is that those who are promoting this vaccination have openly declared their wish to cull the human population. If you’ve calmed down your Amygdala enough to start reasoning again, you should be able to work out what the vaccination of 7.8 billion people means exactly. especially as it’s supposed to protect you against a benign virus that kills less than the annual average of people through flu infections in the vulnerable. Just THINK about it. View THIS short VIDEO and then ask yourself: how can a vaccine, designed to save lives actually bring down the population of the earth? Does it make any sense to you?

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