Bit By Bit They Are Starting To Come Apart

The big news boys are starting to realise that they can’t keep propping up the lies, and sure enough stories like the Valance connection to Big Pharma and organisations like The Bill & Melinda gates Foundation are starting to be let out by them. There’s also been a 180o turn in the official line coming out of the USA and Fauci is slowly being sidelined, before the brown stuff hits the whirly thing big time, when no one will want to be within a hundred miles of him. Soon they’ll be fighting like cats in a sack, as the net closes. They will stab each other in the back to save their own skins.

A bombshell

(For the masses today at least), revealed (amazingly) by The Telegraph. Not exactly a scoop, although it will seem like it to those who have had their heads stuck in the sand or other even darker places over the last six months. I’m talking about the gullible Sheeple, and ignorant, under educated masses, along with many clueless politicians (but not all it seems – there are stirrings afoot) – perhaps we’ll soon have the majority in the UK being labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’! Heaven Forbid!!

BGB along with a small army of other critically minded people who run video channels, blogsites and websites, have been drawing attention to this information for the last six months, only to be stifled, censored and ridiculed. We ALL knew the connections between Valance, Witty and Fauci with Big Pharma, the WHO/ UN and of course the spider in the middle of it all – the philanthropist at the head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The tiniest bit of research by open minded persons easily reveals this web of deceit and corruption.

This UK Column  News Video Reveals All:

A Little Bit Of ‘Afters’ For You

Here’s a podcast of the Richie Allen Show from Monday the 21st of September with his weekly guest Dr. Vernon Coleman:

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