World Leading Medical Expert vs. The Media Fear Porn Spreaders

Who Is Professor Carl James Heneghan (featured in the above video)

He is a British general practitioner physician, director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and a Fellow of Kellogg College. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Evidence-Based Medicine.

Carl Heneghan is also Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a practising GP. A clinical epidemiologist, he studies patients receiving care from clinicians, especially those with common problems, with the aim of improving the evidence base used in clinical practice.

His research interests include non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and he currently chairs the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on self-care and cardiovascular disease risk. He is also interested in the treatment of communicable diseases in primary care.

Professor Heneghan also investigates the evidence base for publication bias and drug and device regulation, and he is an international expert, advising governments, on the regulatory and evidence requirements for devices and drugs as well as evidence-based projects in the public interest. He is also a founder of the Alltrials campaign.

You decide who you would prefer to listen to, Professor Heneghan or the talking heads of the fear-mongering propaganda machine we call the mainstream media, who take their orders (via their owners and funders) from those who have engineered this hoax pandemic, in order to set-up a global control system, they call the ‘reset’ and have, as part of their agenda the collapse of the current global economic system.

It really is a ‘no brainer’.

In A Democracy – Governments Are Supposed To Be The ‘Servant’ Of The People – Not Their Tyrannical ‘Masters’

Sadly, many in their positions of trust as elected members of parliament – by the people – have forgotten that golden rule. Not least in the UK, since the beginning of the pseudo emergency, which is fast petering out. As a result, more and more draconian rules are being cooked up by the government in an attempt to keep the wheels on the cart. The reality is that in so doing they are actually killing more people than they are pretending to protect from a virus that only killed about 1% at it’s height. In the process they have permanently wrecked the economy – bringing into focus that which was the plan from the start. The so-called pandemic provided the excuse. Now it’s got out of hand. They are in a hole – they need to stop digging.

Here Is What The ONS Stats Show

Power is Addictive.

Tyranny comes easily to most humans – not least a select few at the helm of a government. The UK is no exception. Give certain ones an excuse to take over total control, and they will grasp it with both hands, and savour it. It was the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in America that they knew very well of this phenomenon in the countries they left in Europe. So they enshrined in their constitution a fail-safe mechanism, to stop their government of the people from becoming dictatorial and tyrannical. that is why no president can serve more than two terms, and they ensured that the people had the right to bear arms – to protect themselves from a power grab by the government.

Unfortunately on both counts, the goodwill of those Founding Fathers has been circumvented, with the help of over powerful corporate entities, and the misuse of guns by the public. Here in the UK a coup has developed in the wake of a hoax planned pandemic, that took away our freedoms and rights, like the taking away of sweets from a baby. Even worse, the technocrats who advise (often clueless) politicians have totally taken over the asylum. These technocrats have sinister connections to globalists with wealth and influence. The conflicts of interests between the government’s medical “expert” advisors and globalist companies, not least Big Pharma is plain to see.

Please study the chart below and follow this [LINK] for more information :

I believe it speaks for itself – don’t you? With a monopoly over world health decisions (through the W.H.O. UN and mainstream media outlets) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have almost single handedly dictated the policies we have seen enacted by the UK government in the past months. All directed towards a world wide vaccination programme. I’ll deal with vaccinations in a future article. The reality is that the globalists, with no state boundaries have exerted total control over the majority of the World’s governments, they in turn have manoeuvred into a position where they can dictatorially impose their policies on the people. They are, although pretending to be the masters, in fact puppets of a greater power above them – the link is their ‘expert’ advisors who are bought and paid for by the higher power in the shadows.

The Loss Of Accountability

Under normal circumstances, in saner times, the government of the day is held accountable for it’s decisions and policies by the remainder of the House, both the Commons and ultimately the Lords. This is parliamentary scrutiny and accountability, it helps avoid dictatorial regimes, with tyrannical tendencies.

A short circuit of this process was invented under the guise of an emergency. The Coronavirus Act 2020 neatly circumvented the correct process and in a state of ignorance and panic the politicians waved it through with no scrutiny, discussion or debate – it was practically rushed through within hours. That Act has then given a tiny few total power to do as they please, whilst the other MPs look on in a cowering panic, because they are totally sucked in by the scam – like the majority of the public. After all the MPs are just a reflection of a cross section of society, and most are just as ignorant of the facts.

A Slow Wake-up

Thankfully, it’s refreshing to see some MPs are waking up and starting to stir – like Lord Graham Brady, who is in charge of the highly influential 1922 back bench Committee. We need others to wake up. Unfortunately they, like most of the public have been duped by what they have been fed as fear porn by those in charge, who in turn act exactly in tune with what their “expert” advisors tell them. They in turn are the puppets of the corrupt WHO.

The biggest weapon in this fiasco are the mainstream media and those who supress and censor the true facts, being revealed by a daily increasing number of scientists, doctors and eminent professors in the medical field, like Professors Heneghan, Cahill, Stadler, Wittowski and a vast number of others, but their voices are not being heard. MPs and other ministers in the other nations of the UK need to listen to these experts and then weigh up the scientific evidence, before coming to an informed decision on these matters.

The Consequences

Failure to do so will mean that we will be ruled indefinitely by corrupt technocrats, who are on the payroll of those who instigated this hoax pandemic. At present the countries of the UK are being ruled by unelected technocrats – surely that is not right?

More information from the latest video by an astute doctor of

50+ years experience:

Or are you prone to believe that anyone who exposes the wrong doings of this ‘pandemic’ are all conspiracy theorists? Like the BBC report that tens of thousands of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ attended a protest in Trafalgar Square. If that doesn’t make you laugh nothing will!

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