What Is A “Little Prick”?

Years ago when someone was about to inject you, they would simply roll your sleeve up, and you knew what was about to happen – no need for any further verbal warnings from the ‘Doc’ or the nurse. Apparently that wasn’t good enough anymore – when the world became more litigious.

So some bureaucratic little ‘genius’ in an office somewhere, decided that you should be warned verbally – for fear of you leaping up in surprise, falling out of the chair, injuring yourself, and thereby opening up a possible case of negligence against the injection giver – for not giving you enough warning about what was about to happen (what the hell were you doing there anyway? Or had you mistaken the surgery for a sweet shop, and thought that you had rolled your sleeve up to get a licked on tattoo). So to protect the medical personnel against a possible injury through negligence  litigation case (where there’s blame there’s a claim don’t forget), it was decided to forewarn you with the words: “Just a little prick”.

In the further development of this Mad Hatter phase that the western hemisphere has been going through in recent years (culminating in a fear stricken world full of daft panicked humans that have been spooked by a hoax virus alert, that kills people over 80 – with shot immune systems and/ or underlying health problems –  and has less impact than the annual flu), it was decided (by some other little progressive ‘genius’) that to say “Just a little prick” was politically incorrect – it was the word “prick” that could cause offence apparently. So for fear of upsetting a ‘Snowflake’ with a dirty mind AND opening up further possibilities of litigation, a phlebotomist friend of mine explained to me that the new warning phrase is “Sharp scratch coming”!

When in God’s name did anyone ever describe a sharp pointed needle being inserted into your flesh as a ‘scratch’? Anyway, I thought I’d explain all that, in case anyone got the wrong end of the stick, when describing a ‘prick’. It’s just a coincidence that Bill Gates features strongly in this video that BGB has produced from two recordings by Dr. Vernon Coleman, aptly titled “Just a little prick”. Parts 1 & 2.

Enjoy the video it’s a pearl of wisdom:



For Those Not Familiar With The Gates Circle Of Influence: Funding – It’s The Way To Buy Total Control Of The World’s Health Services, Government Health Advisors, Big Pharma And Critically THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA

More information on the subject of Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is available in a previous post on BGB headed:

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