You’re Not Brainwashed Are You? FACT: We All Are To A Point.

We are born with what some psychologists call a ‘clean slate’. From the moment we enter the world the brainwashing begins. Our relationship and interaction with our family begins to brainwash us for good or bad as we begin our life. Then, school, our politicians, religion and the media begin to brainwash us as we grow older and mature into teenagers.

As teenagers, our peers begin to brainwash us with their beliefs. Adverts, television and billboards brainwash us constantly. Brainwashing can be positive or negative. The point is that whatever we ALLOW ourselves to see, hear, or believe brainwashes us.

Those that rule us are fully aware of this – as of course are those who wish us to enhance their profits. They have realised a long time ago that people can be mass hypnotised and totally controlled. However the most sinister of all is the Cabal that has an agenda for total global control (referred to generally as the New World Order), along with the depopulation of the planet and the herding of mankind into a basic existence driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Make Believe Conspiracy Rubbish?

The evidence is all around us – if you wish to look at it. We live in a perception of reality that we have been hypnotised and brainwashed into believing is real. There’s tons of documented evidence that proves this, not least the Agenda 21/ 2030 document. But have you ever tried to reason with a hypnotised person? They are blind to what you put in front of them. Or, they are so closed minded – due to their psychological conditioning – that they will not even look at or study the evidence. All of their adult life is engulfed in what they perceive to be truthful sources of information from the mainstream media. They have also been convinced from birth that their government is always there to protect them and to advise them on what is best for them. What if those governments are the puppets of a deeper, more sinister influence, that have the necessary tools to bring about what they desire through influence, wealth, power and elitists control?

Mass Brainwashing and Hysteria – Evidenced In Recent History

You have to go no further back than the 1930s to see what can be achieved on a country wide scale at the hands of evil people who were well versed and very knowledgeable in the techniques of mass hypnosis and psychological control. If I had told you at the turn of the 20th century that one man and his handful of selected henchmen could transform the minds of a nation of 68+ million and set about world domination, you would have laughed at me. With limited technological tools (like television, mass satellite broadcasting, the internet and total surveillance), a nation of 68 million could be steered to believe and behave in a way that was totally controlled by a fascist government. This was achieved through propaganda and lies aimed at a population that was equally duped (like us today) that the government was always right and had the well being of it’s citizens at it’s heart. There are numerous other examples of psychological brainwashing being used for horrific outcomes, like e.g. the genocide of the Tootsie tribe in Africa. In just 100 days in 1994, some 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda by ethnic Hutu. The Hutu had been programmed by incessant radio broadcasts by the state – compelling them to go and slaughter their neighbours, many of whom they had lived peaceably alongside for generations. The governing emotion in Germany – against the Jews, and the Hutu in Rwanda was FEAR. That fear being whipped up into a blind frenzy by the authorities. The technique is deceivingly simple. It’s a form of mass hysteria based on a hypnotic, fear ridden number of people in a given population.

Today We have Arrived At A Similar Juncture

The majority have been scared witless, and have transformed that fear into blind panic over a benign flu like virus that is less deadly than the average seasonal flu. Again the evidence is all there in the figures – just go and do some simple research. The masses have been spooked by lies and inaccurate information spewed out by the mainstream media on behalf of their controllers in the shadows. Panicked people loose their reason, the fight or flight region of their brain has kicked in, they become totally dependent on the lies being told to them by the authorities, and many will willingly become vaccinated by a possible population reducing vaccine concoction promoted hard by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Here is a video of someone who can eloquently put into words the technique of mass hypnosis far better than I can:


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