COVID-19 – How And Why Thousands of Old People Have Been Murdered

That MAY sound like a bit of a far fetched hyperbole, but when looked at in the cold light of day, perhaps it is nearer the truth than what we are comfortable with – as Dr. Vernon Coleman explains in the video that Big Gee’s Blog (BGB) has produced below; the contents of which has been safely uploaded to one of the two free speech video streaming platforms that BGB uses.

If left on You Tube, it would only be a matter of time before the censorship Gestapo, working on behalf of the Cabal, would have unceremoniously removed it, as it goes against the propaganda lies spewed out 24/7 by their propaganda mouthpieces – here in the UK the premier propaganda machine is the British Bullshit Corporation (the BBC) followed closely by all others.

In this day and age, when truths and facts of reality are presented to the public, or the possibility of a debate being won by logic and facts, the response is to drown out and silence the other viewpoint. This is the age when the only version of events allowed is what the establishment puts forward. The death of true democracy (the voice of the people) and free speech has been killed – the funeral will follow shortly. In the meantime, some of us will fight on to preserve what little room is left for us to expose this evil.


More By Luck Than Judgement

My mother is 90 years old (I’m no spring chicken myself – now that I’m approaching my second year of State Pensionable age). She has been a resident at the Plas Cwmcynfelin Nursing Home near Aberystwyth, Ceredigion (in Wales) for the last four years, where she receives excellent care from dedicated staff. The last time I checked, Ceredigion’s (supposed) death rate from COVID-19 has been in single figures – although I’m more prone to think that the figure was probably more likely to have been dug up from a false positive test. The test itself is around 80% inaccurate, throwing up both false negative and false positive results – as originally stated by the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test – Kary Mullis –  back  in 1984. He has also said that for that reason, it should only be used for laboratory work and not a tool for the diagnosis of the presence of a specific virus. Also, it uses traces of RNA/ DNA material of Corona virus – of which there are a big quantity in circulation. A previous cold or flu, or a recent flue jab, will show traces of RNA/ DNA in a sample. But that fact seems to have been conveniently and quietly brushed under the carpet, during this period of World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) induced madness.

My mother is still alive – although if she had contracted this rather benign and mysterious Coronavirus strain of influenza she would probably have pulled through because she’s always had a phenomenal immune system. Her mantra when talking of ailments has always been “I haven’t caught the flu or a cold for over forty years”! However osteoporosis has meant that she’s been partially paralysed for the last four years, but that has nothing to do with her immune system.

I haven’t seen her for months, and she badly misses our regular visits, especially those of her six grandsons and her great grandchildren and also her friends (we’re a particularly male-heavy family, my father was the eldest of five brothers, I have four sons, and my sister had two sons – but that’s besides the point and I’m off on a tangent!). The point I’m making is that her already miserable existence – by being bed bound – is further enhanced by being isolated. That has profound psychological effects. Isolation has historically been used as a torture weapon by interrogators – it has a devastating effect. Small monkeys when isolated and deprived of contact and love actually die, regardless of the fact that they are well nourished and hydrated, but isolated from contact with their mothers and other monkeys. As a similar social species of animal, humans react in the same way. Has anyone thought about that? Or is it a case of a contrived situation that brings about depression, malleability and easy control?

The isolation and no visitors rules have been dictated by local and central government. I’m sure the home my mother is in, would have been far more commonsensical about the whole thing. However, clueless politicians, in Corruption Cardiff  Bay with about as much knowledge about communicable diseases as the average chimpanzee, with the amateur politicians in Ceredigion County Council displaying the average IQ of the earthworms in my garden,  have inflicted this misery by blindly following the advice of medical ‘experts’. Experts who have failed to endorse their own advice – the disgraced Prof. Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London comes to mind. They all get their orders from the W.H.O. who is heavily funded by an eugenics psychopath that runs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Imperial College, by coincidence, is also bought and paid for by the Gates Foundation – strange that.

So when I say ‘more by luck than judgement’, the nursing home where my mother resides, has come through unscathed, they have more deaths in the home, on an annual basis, from seasonal flu  than through this hoax ‘pandemic’ (especially in years like 2017/18). However, that is not the case with nursing homes in areas of high population. They have had elderly peopled dumped on them from hospitals. The hospitals are virtually empty, but old people are dying through lack of medical care for all sorts of reasons. Nursing homes have a very high death rate anyway – for obvious reasons – after all they are God’s waiting rooms! BUT, the current higher than usual death rate in care homes has been artificially raised through the incompetence and stupidity of politicians with their ridiculous directives.

The W.H.O. have driven this maniacal response and actions by politicians, the mainstream media (MSM) have been primarily responsible for the panic and fear from an ignorant public.

Together they should be held accountable for mass murder. Nuremberg trials jumps to mind. They should be made to pay for this artificial and contrived mess.

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