No Correlation

When someone says, “The numbers don’t add up,” it is not just a maths statement. It is a veiled euphemism that means something does not smell right, and it appears an unknown person or persons have deliberately done something either illegal or stupid. Whatever is happening could negatively impact on the global population of the earth.

The numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19 is perpetually INCREASING, so there should be a correlation – an obvious connection – between increased numbers having the infection and the numbers that are dying. This correlation is mysteriously missing. The death rates are DECREASING. This should set off alarm bells that something is not right.

Sadly the average Joe Public is not picking up on this, although it’s a relatively easy thing to check – given the access people have to the data via the internet – including the official Centre for Disease Control (CDC) website.

Have you had a cold fairly recently? Did you have a flu vaccine in the last year or so? Then the chances are that you would test positive for COVID-19.  This is because the RT/PCR test is fundamentally flawed, and is therefore not an accurate diagnosis of whether you have this supposed deadly Corona virus strain that has been labelled COVID-19 which is supposedly a pandemic. These are serious causes for concern.

In the following short video Dr. Rashid Buttar explains what is actually happening.





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