Richie Allen Show Podcast Sunday 26/04/2020

As is our wont every Sunday, the Richie Allen show podcast is published here at Big Gees Blog. Click on the play button to hear what he said on his show this morning. Especially at the end.


Our Celtic cousin is the most listened to independent radio show in Europe. More power to his elbow – he’s a treasure. It’s so refreshing to hear someone who doesn’t stick his little finger in the air whilst sipping from a china teacup. Like most of us Celts, and especially so our friends from across the Irish Sea (or Ceredigion Bay if you live here in Aberaeron). They say it as it is, from the heart, with exciting enthusiasm and sincerity. If you have an aversion to the language of the street, well you have a choice, you can choose to listen or not to listen – but the truth remains the same. You see unlike the insincere majority, us true Celts believe in that freedom of the individual, and we will NEVER be silenced – unless our breath is taken away from us.


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  1. cam

    He has been a treasure and a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t have ever listened to this unless you had added the link a few weeks back. You have to keep your sense of humour in times like this.

  2. Big Gee

    We certainly do, we need to attack this from all angles possible, from heated hostility to measured debate and in a satirical way. Something will appeal to someone.

    Richie is a STAR with the Irish knack of the craic. (craic or crack – as it’s pronounced – is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland. It is often used with the definite article – ‘the craic’ – in Wales we call it ‘hwyl’).

  3. cam

    He certainly has that in spades, craic that is. I like how he dissects what these waffle speaking gobbledegook monsters are spouting and stops to analyze the level of bullshit that they have no shame in parroting. It’s incredible how many paid spokespeople are willing to go on record to spread all these bold faced lies.

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