My Personal Views on the Environment Issue

Lest the reader should think that I’m an anti ‘green’, climate change ‘denier’ or someone who does not care about our clean air, water and food environment, I should declare that I’ve been a passionate ‘environmentalist’ for virtually all of my adult life. An organic vegetables grower for more decades than I care to remember, tending to my first organic allotment plot in 1975 – when organic issues were not as popular as they are today. I’m the chair of an Allotments Trust and constructed a website for that organisation, and others like it. Click HERE. I believe my credentials are in order!

I wrote an article on Glyphosate back in 2013 (click HERE), reflecting concerns about this dangerous, and cancerogenic product that has by now permeated into our water sources, soil and everyday environment – including the food we eat daily. Food like cereals that have been treated with Glysophate whilst growing. The ever increasing evidence indicates that this Monsanto product is not only making many of us ill, from a variety of source contact – IT IS ACTUALLY KILLING US!

There is ample evidence by now to show that diseases like Parkinson’s, Senile Dementia and Autism in children between 6 & 21 years is linked to the contamination in the environment from Glysophate.

Although I’m a committed environmentalist I am nevertheless totally opposed to:

  • The climate change hoax – climate change has been with us, in both directions since earth’s time began. Man’s influence on the climate is hugely over exaggerated, and is basically the hyped up fear-mongering whipped up by the establishment, and as usual advertised and promoted by the mainstream (propaganda) media. This is mostly a scam to raise ‘green taxes, and to allow big companies to make big bucks pretending to save the planet, by erecting totally inefficient wind farms, and extracting mouth watering grants and subsidies from the tax paying public. If you have the time and inclination you can find out the true facts about ‘man-made’ climate change by clicking HERE. Or listen to a lecture by one the ‘real’ scientists on the subject by clicking HERE.
  • The views of so-called ‘green’ organisations, including the twisted views of political parties, like the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and others et al. They have a twisted and illogical understanding of the issues, and fall foul of the machinations of today’s ‘establishment’ (financed, controlled, and directed for their own interests, by the ‘Elitists’ and ‘Globalists’) who seem to be taking a page from the handbook of Hitler’s propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, who famously said:

  If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

  • Plaid Cymru especially have been obsessed with irrelevant niche issues (like global climate changes) that play no part in the advancement of independence for our country. ‘Ishoos’ like LBGT and feminist rights, Brexit (which they have absolutely no influence over) and things like candle-lit vigils for world peace, which, although noble causes in Plaid’s liberal, progressive socialists eyes – are hardly life or death issues here at home. Popular niche issues do not progress us any nearer to our goal of making Wales a free sovereign nation. This is the case after nearly 100 years of their existence – giving the impression that they can change things. Sadly whilst they have their feet firmly planted in the establishment’s dinosaur minded political system, they will not move us an inch forward, or protect us from colonial rule for the next 100 years either!
  • Rewilding projects like the Summit to Sea – Rewilding Britain (conveniently, their first project is targetted at Mid Wales) by misguided hippy ethos supporting organisations and certain politicians like Lesley Griffiths and Co. Which is nothing but a land grab – a Highland Clearance on a smaller scale to disengage Welsh farmers from their land – if that isn’t colonial asset grabbing what is? What has Plaid said about this? Not a lot, because they have both now, and in the past made an art form of snuggling up to the Greens and the London based Labour party, blindly copying or supporting their policies on these issues.

And So – On To Facts About Glyphosate

  The amount of glyphosate in tap water in South Wales has increased tenfold recently

Dr. Rosemary Mason, has had a long standing interest in conservation, and was former Chair of the West Area, Glamorgan Wildlife Trust. She had worked for the National Health Service for 35 years as Consultant Anaesthetist to West Glamorgan Health Authority.

Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal and the British Medical Association Council Chairman, Chaand Nagpaul.

Her purpose is to not only draw attention to the impact of biocides, not least that of Glyphosate, on health and the environment but also to bring attention to the corruption that allows this to continue.

Along with her letter, she enclosed a 13-page document. Readers can access the fully referenced document here: European Chemicals Agency classifies glyphosate as a substance that causes serious eye damage. It is worth reading in full to appreciate the conflicts of interest and the corruption that has led to the rise in certain illnesses and the destruction of the natural environment.

By way of a brief summary, the key points raised by Dr Mason and her claims include the following:

  • The European Chemicals Agency classifies Glyphosate as a substance that causes serious eye damage. There has been a massive increase in the use of Glyphosate in recent years. An increase in cataracts has been verified by epidemiological studies in England and by a 2016 WHO report.
  • There are shockingly high levels of weed killer in UK breakfast cereals. After testing these cereals at the Health Research Institute in Iowa, Dr Fagan, director of the centre, said: “These results are consistently concerning. The levels consumed in a single daily helping of any one of these cereals, even the one with the lowest level of contamination, is sufficient to put the person’s Glyphosate levels above the levels that cause fatty liver disease in rats (and likely in people).”
  • The amount of glyphosate in tap water in South Wales has increased tenfold in a very short period.
  • Glyphosate is largely responsible for the destruction of biodiversity and an increase in the prevalence of many serious health conditions.
  • There are massive conflicts of interest throughout various agencies in the EU that ensure harmful agrochemicals like glyphosate come to market and remain there.
  • In fact, a global industry has emerged to give ‘advice’ on biocides regulation. This results in regulatory bodies effectively working to further the commercial interests of the pesticide industry.
  • The European Food Safety Authority sanctioned increased maximum pesticide residue levels (MRL) at the request of industry (Monsanto in this case, to 100 times the previously authorised MRL).
  • The Washington-based International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) is used by corporate backers to counter public health policies. Its members have occupied key positions on EU and UN regulatory panels. It is, however, an industry lobby group that masquerades as a scientific health charity. The ILSI describes its mission as “pursuing objectivity, clarity and reproducibility” to “benefit the public good”. But researchers from the University of Cambridge, Bocconi University in Milan, and the US Right to Know campaign assessed over 17,000 pages of documents under US freedom of information laws to present evidence of influence peddling.
  • ILSI Vice-President, Prof Alan Boobis, is currently the Chairman of the UK Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (CoT) (2015-2021). He was directly responsible for authorising chemicals such as Glyphosate, Chlorothalonil, Clothianidin and Chlorpyrifos that are destroying human health and creating a crisis in biodiversity. His group and others have authorised Glyphosate repeatedly. He and David Coggon, the previous Chairman of CoT (2008-2015), were appointed as experts on Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA), a group allied with the agrochemical industry and is fighting for higher pesticide exposure.
  • Jean-Claude Juncker the President of the European Commission who, against a petition from more than 1.5 million European citizens, re-authorised glyphosate in December 2017 for a further five years. He set up the Science Advisory Mechanism, aiming to put industry-friendly personnel on various committees.

There are many more claims presented by Rosemary Mason in her report. But the take-home point is that the reality of the agrochemical industry is masked by well-funded public relations machinery (which includes bodies like the UK’s Science Media Centre). The industry also subverts official agencies and regulatory bodies and supports prolific lobby organisations and (‘public scientists’) which masquerade as objective institutions.

When such organisations or figures are exposed, they frequently cry foul and attempt to portray any exposure of their lack of integrity as constituting an attack on science itself; no doubt many readers will be familiar with the ‘anti-science’ epithet.

The industry resorts to such measures as it knows its products are harmful and cannot stand up to proper public scrutiny. And under a system of sustainable agroecology that can produce plentiful, nutritious food, it also knows its markets would disappear.

Motivated by fraud and fear of the truth emerging, it therefore tries to persuade politicians and the public that the world would starve without it and its products. It co-opts agencies and officials by various means and embeds itself within the policy agenda, both nationally and internationally.

And now, with increasingly saturated markets in the West, from Africa to India the industry seeks to colonise new regions and countries where it attempts to roll out its business model. Whether, say, through trade agreements, the WTO or strings-attached loans, this again involves capturing the policy ground and then trapping farmers on a financially lucrative chemical (-GMO)-treadmill, regardless of the consequences for farmers’ livelihoods, food, public health and the environment.

Other Effects On Our Environment

There are reams of information that can be presented as evidence to support the deadly effects of Glysophate use. Not least the evidence that shows the use of this deadly systemic poison, along with the use of Neonicotinoids that has had a devastating effect on our honey bee population.

Readers of my articles may have noticed my frequent use of quotes by Albert Einstein. Here is a sobering one about the extinction of honey bees:

A sobering and chilling statement




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