Number of Global Deaths by Cause (2017)

To date, (March 24th 2020) the GLOBAL death toll from COVID-19 stands at around 17,000, with experts still unsure how many of those victims would have succumb to their ‘underlying health conditions’ anyway, even if they weren’t infected with the respiratory disease.

That number of 17,000 is of course going to rise, but even if we surpass figures of 250,000 or even 500,000, the death toll still needs to be kept in perspective.

Governments around the world are trigger-happily removing peoples social liberties, as well as universally sabotaging the global economy. After studying the above chart from the IMHE & Global Burden of Disease, the question on my lips is why…?

Road Injuries killed 1.24 million globally in 2017 — so why hasn’t transport been restricted to ‘essential journeys only’…? Why haven’t stricter testing measure been introduced…? Why aren’t drivers over the age of 80 having their licenses revoked–as they’re the group with the highest rates of driver deaths…?

Homicides killed 405,000 people in 2017 — so why haven’t lockdowns/curfews been enforced to try and lower that figure…?

Alcohol killed some 185,000 — why haven’t bars been closed, and supermarkets banned from selling the stuff…?

And the top spot, Cardiovascular Disease killed a staggering 18 million in 2017 — so why hasn’t obesity been tackled by shutting down fast-food restaurants, why hasn’t smoking been banned (the top two contributors to the illness)…?

Of course, I’m in no way calling for the above draconian measures to be introduced, but I’m no fan of them being enforced for COVID-19 either. They appear wildly out of proportion given the risk the disease poses to the “average healthy” member of the public – the latest data on that suggesting that only 1.3% of those infected who are otherwise healthy individuals become moderately-to-seriously ill, with an even smaller percentage of them going on the require critical care, and fewer-still going on to die.

There is no doubt these “social distancing” measures are overblown, but, to me at least, they serve as two depressing indicators:

1) That health services around the world are wholly-unprepared for even a small influx of patients. And

2) that these lock-downs are a show of power to an ever-rebellious and revolution-ready global population.

Saying that, there is understandable fear over the Coronavirus — it is still a relatively unknown disease. But the more information we’re managing to gather – particularly as the infection spreads to the more transparent West– the less reason we have to fear it.

COVID-19 is proving far less deadly than past pandemics, and unlike the Spanish Flu (estimated death toll between 50 and 100 million), for example – which disproportionately attacked young, healthy individuals – this illness is currently only affecting those who are elderly and/or already sick. Therefore, any defensive measures introduced by governments should hinge on protecting those two groups and those two groups alone, instead of the widespread draconian muscle flexing we’re witnessing.

Let’s not let fear drive us into signing away our social liberties, because who knows how easy it will be to get them all back.


The whole scenario smells of a contrived, secretive plan, designed to scare and panic the global population into a malleable, quivering mass, that can be easily manipulated by the 1% that has all the power and the wealth.

The current world economy is about to fall off the cliff. It has not recovered from the 2008 crash. The more astute have been warning for decades that the capitalist, debt based economy – where the buzz word is ‘debt’ – where money is magically conjured up from thin air, each time the banks lend money. The US national debt stands at around 22 Trillion dollars – which makes the supposed richest nation on earth a bankrupt state, as it has no means of reducing that debt. The other buzz words are ‘economic growth’. Each country’s economy is squeezed and forced to increase it’s annual economic growth. How long can that go on? There is a limit to manufacturing, once the production is greater than the consumption, the writing is on the wall – the next step is ‘pop’, when the bubble bursts. We have been on the verge of that happening for decades. The powers that be, have decided to reboot. The Covid – 19, (so called ‘pandemic’) ticks all the boxes to usher that in.

When the global financial crash comes, the scapegoat will be a Corona virus. That will exonerate the past managers of the global economic system, who will suffer the least in it’s wake.

It also ticks all the boxes of the proposed UN Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030), which was hatched between world leaders of 179 countries in that infamous Rio convention of 1992, with it’s roots in the earlier Treaty of Rome.

It may have passed most people’s attention – the very people who will suffer terribly in the wake of this virus con job.

We are in the final stages of the goal of ushering in the much awaited ‘New World Order’. The totalitarian ‘Order’. It will be run by one unelected government and a global military to police that ‘order’. It’ll be too late to kick up a fuss after that happens.

Anyone who dismisses that is living the life of an ostrich, with it’s backside in the air and it’s head in the sand.

The evidence is overwhelming.


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