A ‘Light’ Weekend 

For me at least. I’m giving my writing hand a slight rest, with lots of other things calling on my time in my private life right now.

So instead of writing a full article for BGB this weekend, here is a selection of videos, from four of the most trusted, reliable and accurate truth researchers in our community.

First up a video from the granddaddy of researchers, who has been preaching the warnings for thirty odd years. His observations, deep research and predictions have been phenomenally accurate – and continue to be. So –  following on from the series BGB has run recently about the phoney, contrived and distraction war in Ukraine –

If You Fly The Flag You’ve Been Had. . . 

Second up is another truth seeking hero – Max Igan, who has had to flee his native Australia and sough sanctuary in Mexico. This video kicks off with an excerpt from a 2016 episode of the X Files. How on earth could this fictitious science drama have been so accurate? A big question – couldn’t have anything to do with pre knowledge from a suspect source could it?

Stupidly Demented Adult Syndrome

And finally, from another top tier researcher – James Corbett (The Corbett Report and New World Next Week) with James Evan Pilato. Together they discuss the adventures of the recent Bilderberg Group (BG) who met in the US this year. As knowledge of the BG;s shenanigans have become common knowledge since their secretive set-up in the fifties (1954), the spotlight seems to have been purposely shifted in latter years to the Davos Clique (The World Economic Forum) led by the Bond villain look-alike – Klaus Schwab. These are things you need to look into and note carefully in the context of the other ‘coincidental’ happenings around the world. Then connect the dots and see the big picture. It’s not a nice one.

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