Strategies For Fighting A Real Attack On Humanity

We got hit with a ‘sucker punch’ when the World Health Organisation declared – out of the blue – that a brand new deadly disease was on the loose. That was two years ago – give or take a few months.

Most fell for it. Panic broke out. It reminded me of the irrational response to the old film ‘War Of The Worlds’ when, on the NPR Newscast, Orson Welles and his troupe of radio actors interrupted the Columbia Broadcasting System’s programming to “report” that our planet had been invaded. Ever since then, it’s been accepted as fact that the broadcast scared the dickens out of many Americans, especially those living in New Jersey.

Orson Welles managed to make a spoof broadcast in 1953 that aliens had landed. Many fell for it hook line and sinker; packed their cars and headed for the hills.

The aftermath of a similar ‘broadcast by the W.H.O. resulted in the majority developing the “help us please – we’re doomed” mentality. Coupled with virtually zero knowledge of ANY disease, medicine or understanding of the mechanisms of a true pandemic, they fell at the feet of the ones who had conspired to scare them half to death. The governments were looked to as the only hope, and they would save everyone – because they cared so much for them (yes – sure – believe that and you will believe anything).

In reality, they were scheming with Big Pharma and the henchmen of the Cabal to launch a ‘vaccine’ programme, designed to cull the world’s population. As with the effects of the Welles broadcast in 1953 the people lapped up the propaganda from mainstream media, especially the BBC. How easy it is to fool dedicated goggle box addicts, who only get their information from such sources!

Planning of Evil

Planning – on this occasion – was far better by the psychopaths behind the scenes. The ‘dry runs’ attempted previously (HIV, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Ebola and other fake pandemics) did not take root as they did not have the media on-board. This time the preparations were far better (but not perfect). With a bought and paid for MSM, run globally by about six companies, the false information, hidden information and lies, kept the scam going – until now.

The Response

In the initial stages, the masses flocked to roll their sleeves up, in abject fear and blissful ignorance – some still do. However the more alert, critical thinkers set about reversing the situation to save their fellow mankind.

With vicious censorship of anyone who questioned the ‘official’ narrative the awake amongst us took to the internet to get the truth out. Protests were organised, with freedom rallies, anti ‘killer jab’ protests, now the big ‘Trucker Protest’ in Canada, followed by a mass of similar protests organised in countries across the world are involved, the time has arrived to open up another front.

Protests, websites, videos, letter writing, rallies etc. can only go so far in bringing the insanity to an end. We now need to exercise justice and retribution and the prosecution and punishment of the criminals involved. We have all the evidence we need.

We’ve all had our parts to play. Those who could not physically attend rallies and protests took to other means of getting the information out there – like BGB – that has used technical know-how and the power of the keyboard to wake people up. We have three volumes of correspondence in our journal, where we have questioned, badgered and issued freedom of information requests to the powers, agencies and governments that are implicated in these greatest ever of crimes against humanity.

Remaining Question

All involved have put their shoulder to the wheel in one way or another. However one big question remains. After waking people up (there’s now a tsunami of woken up people building up across the globe), how do we defeat and reverse the situation? How do we bring those responsible for these crimes against humanity to real justice?

Whilst turning the tables with the mass distribution of truth through our efforts to date, how do we ensure that those responsible are appropriately punished and that this kind of thing will NEVER happen again?

The Ultimate Solution

BGB has come to the conclusion that as we move into the next final phase, we need to have a slight change in focus and tack. We will continue to spread news of the hoax pandemic and it’s instigators – as it breaks, and keep our followers in touch with developments, but there will be a slight change in what our goals are.

There is going to be a shift in BGB’s focus

At BGB we believe that the whole strategy in the fight back, and education of the masses has had to follow a natural course. E.g.:

  1. Initially, there was a need to make people aware of what had happened. To a great extent that has been achieved. When you compare the numbers that have awakened between January 2020 and January 2022 it’s absolutely amazing; however we can’t rest on our oars in this regard, but it is no longer a number one priority. After the initial push, it has gathered momentum on it’s own.

  2. People had to be fed provable medical and scientific facts and evidence. As the mainstream media have been pumping out lies, propaganda and false information, we the people have been offsetting that strategy of the Cabal, by publishing the truth, backed up by facts that cannot be refuted. This has been done via websites that have sprung up, video platforms and social media generally. A great deal of this information has been lost due to censorship, but as an ever growing army of people have been multiplying this truth by repeating and spreading it, the censors have generally failed, whilst we have gone from strength to strength. So that has also been a huge success.

  3. We have contacted every government and government agency with queries, questions and Freedom of Information requests. In fact they are drowning in correspondence from us the people. To begin with, they arrogantly tried to ignore us, but as the correspondence, and tenacity to get replies and explanations increased, their now nervous responses is tangible. It seems that stage in our strategy can be ticked as another success.

  4. We’ve had protests and rallies that started off quite nervously and cautious. We’ve been expanding our Stand In The Park meetings on Sundays, so our public profile has increased. All of these efforts have had a huge part to play – now it’s time to move on and finish the job. In the two year span since the contrived disaster through a planned scam hit, the protests and rallies just ballooned like a snowball. Crowds of MILLIONS now regularly converge on cities – globally.

  5. It is now time to put our energies into the legal battles, be they hearings in the statute law jurisdiction arena that is controlled and compromised by those that have attacked us, or the Common LAW arena (which we have concluded is the most likely way to success.

To this end, BGB is in discussions with others who focus their energy on Common Law. There is a need to get people to understand what Common Law is about and how it operates. There is a critical need to form Common Law Assemblies in communities, and to take back our inalienable rights, whist prosecuting those who have trespassed against us.

We will release more information about this in the next few weeks. The outcome may be that we pool our resources, by working closer with other websites who are pushing the lawful fightback agenda in courtrooms exercising Common Law.


Huge leaps forward have been accomplished by those who have dug very deep in their research, and exposed the Cabal operators even further. We are zeroing in on the psychopaths behind this. They may run but they can’t hide.

One of these incredible compilers of evidence is Dr. David Martin from the US. Listen to a recent interview with him.

More Disturbing News From New Zealand

But this time the courts will be utilised.

More to follow soon . . . . 

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