The post below has caused a lot of confusion. It is a SIMULATION SCENARIO and not an ACTUAL event.

BGB apologises for this. It also caused us confusion (along with initial excitement) but after further investigation, the information passed on to us did not stipulate that it was a SIMULATION we erroneously published the original information as an actual event. That was BGB’s error and hence this short notice of Correction & Retraction.

We ALWAYS aim to be truthful and factually correct in everything we publish. On this occasion (the first time it’s happened) we tripped up by reproducing something that was not factually correct, but did so in all innocence, but we still apologise for the error.

Further Explanation:

?????????? ???? ?????: ????????? – ? ?????? ???????? ???? ????????

German channel:

This simulation game event “BasisCamp – A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise” is organised by members of the Corona Investigation Committee, members of the German party “dieBasis” and numerous previous guests.

??? ????????: The German government has resigned and an interim government has been formed. Under the leadership of the new Chancellor, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and other members of the interim government, the current situation will be analysed and an assessment of measures will be made with the help of current experts from various fields.

???? ????????:

  • Chancellor: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.
  • President:Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert.
  • Minister of the Interior: Viviane Fischer.
  • Minister of Health: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.
  • Director of the RKI: Stephan Kohn..
  • Minister of Labour and Social Affairs: Alkje Fonte.
  • State Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: Prof. Dr. Harald Walach.
  • President of the Child Protection League: Hans-Christian Prestien.
  • Minister of Education & Research: Dr. Matthias Burchardt.
  • Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy: Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz.
  • State Secretary for Media and Arts: Uli Masuth.
  • Psychologist, expert in mass psychology: Prof. Mattias Desmet.

The above characters are enacted by real and qualified people – not professional actors.

Are We Seeing The Planned Exit Strategy Of The Cabal Starting To Unfold?

As followers of BGB will be aware we are currently in the middle of a short break. However we promised that we would still keep our ear to the ground, and if anything of significance should arise, then we would let you know. This is an example of such news. Here is the announcement by Germany’s Federal Government (released on the 26th of this month), that they are halting ALL death jabs for the Covid-19 hoax pandemic in Germany – with immediate effect – and reassessing their position.

It’s evident that the nonsense so far, and the injuries and deaths following inoculations has stopped them in their tracks. They daren’t carry on, as the tide is fast turning and the public are waking up to what has been attempted against them, the injury and death figures are there for everyone to see, and they have stalled, because not enough unwary people are queuing up for the jabs. To have made a success of their attempt at world control and their depopulation plan, those plans had to be enacted swiftly for it to succeed. Time has run out for them.

I’m sure all of those who are awake will be overjoyed to hear this. Is this the rumblings of an exit strategy by those behind this scam? They will still be held accountable for their evil deeds – there is no escape from justice.

Also great to hear that Dr. (at Law) Reiner Fuellmich is involved. He has said from the start of his lawsuits, that once the pillars of this hoax pandemic are exposed (especially the PCR testing fiasco) then the rest of the house of cards will collapse. Let’s hope we are seeing the start of that process.

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