Legal Precedence – A Timely Reminder

Legal Precedence – A Timely Reminder


As regular visitors to our site will probably have noticed, we have a section called ‘Legal Journal‘ (LJ). We also have a ‘Correspondence Journal‘ (CJ) where all correspondence BGB sends out and all responses we receive from government departments, official organisations and government agencies etc. are entered into the CJ. Many of these are Freedom Of Information Requests (FOI) under the provisions of the Freedom Of Information Act 2000.

Both the Legal Journal and the Correspondence Journal  are live documents that are updated regularly. Whilst the CJ records correspondence, the LJ is a reporting news journal of legal activities that revolve around the fake Covid-19 pandemic both in the UK and other countries. We believe this feature of the site is extremely important, as this information is completely blanked by the mainstream media. Consequently the public are not made aware of what is happening on this front. A good example of the work that is afoot amongst both legal and leading doctors and scientists can be seen in this video:

Weimar Family Court (Germany)

On April the 8th 2021, a historic judgement was passed down in this court. Here is an excerpt from our LJ reporting on this case news:

8 April 2021

In summary proceedings (Ref.: 9 F 148/21), the Weimar Family Court in Germany ruled prohibiting two Weimar schools with immediate effect from requiring pupils to wear mouth-nose coverings of any kind (especially “qualified” masks such as FFP2 masks); it further prohibited the schools from demanding compliance with AHA minimum distance-keeping; and also prohibited them from demanding that pupils

undergo SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests. At the same time, the Court ruled that classroom instruction must be face-to-face [i.e. not remote].

On the subject of the PCR test, the Court writes: “The expert witness Prof. Dr. med. Kappstein has already pointed out in her testimony that the PCR test can only detect genetic material, but not whether the RNA originates from viruses that are capable of infection and thus capable of replication (i.e. capable of reproduction). The expert witness Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Kämmerer confirmed, in her testimony on molecular biology, that a PCR test – even if it is carried out correctly – cannot provide any information on whether a person is infected with an active pathogen or not. This is because the test cannot distinguish between “dead” matter, e.g. a completely harmless genome fragment as a remnant of the body’s own immune system’s fight against a cold or flu (such genome fragments can still be found many months after the immune system has “dealt with” the problem) and “living” matter, i.e. a “fresh” virus capable of reproducing.

A full PDF copy of the judge’s comments and details of the case are available for download. 

Those heard in the court case – as expert witnesses – were:

  1. the public health doctor Prof. Dr. med Ines Kappstein,
  2. the psychologist Prof. Dr. Christof Kuhbandner and
  3. the biologist Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Ulrike Kämmerer.

Basically they proved that:

  • The RT-PCR test is not fit for purpose and should not be used to determine the diagnosis of Covid-19.
  • The wearing of face masks is totally unfounded and without scientific evidence of their efficiency – they should not be worn for prolonged periods as they could prove detrimental to general health.
  • The social distancing guidelines issued by the government are totally baseless and unfounded in scientific facts.

To support the statement in bullet point 2 above, here is a very short video released on the 4th of this month by Ivor Cummings:

The Implications

Slowly, but surely, the wheels of justice are turning. Despite the fact that some in the judiciary in most countries are undoubtedly corrupt and crooked – however there ARE enough of those who have principles and morals around, they just need to be identified. The Weimar Court judge is evidently one such person that can be trusted.. We’ve already seen shenanigans in the process of bringing actions by others to courts, with ludicrously crude attempts to scupper such actions with purposely mishandled procedures on the part of those who work for the courts, in an attempt to keep those filing actions from being seen and heard before a judge or jury in courts. We’ve also seen dismissals of cases by certain judges, but it doesn’t end there – appeals against those actions are already in the pipeline. The more they attempt to block justice, the more exposed they become.

The important thing is that precedencies are being set by court judgments like the Weimar case. These are numerous battles that will eventually win the war for us. At that time we will see Nuremberg type trials, and the perpetrators of this horrific hoax, that has already killed countless people, be put behind bars and their immeasurable financial gains confiscated for their crimes against humanity.

Looking Forward

Government ministers (on the whole) are as clueless as the public, and are led in their information deliberations by the wholly corrupt mainstream media. A media which is owned and controlled by a tiny number of global corporations who are orchestrating what is being fed to the public through lying propaganda, designed to control the narrative, and to keep the scam going. These are the bought and paid for henchmen of the Cabal in the shadows.

Some ministers are awake to the truth of what is going on, a far larger number are responding in ignorance and then you have key members of the government who are totally on board with the scam.

It is BGB’s intention in the near future to arrange a mail-out to ALL members of the UK parliament in Westminster and ALL members of the Welsh Government (MSes). When that is done, a copy will be published in our CJ so that it’s in the public domain.

We feel it is crucial to do this, with copies of the Weimar Court judgement (although that is now three months hence), it is important right now, as they are coming for our children with imposed restrictions in schools, involving face masks and distancing, and even more critically, the enforcement by coercion and emotional blackmail to get children injected with the ‘death jab’ before they are allowed back in school next term.

This situation is being facilitated by ignorant teachers, parents and the teaching unions who are totally devoid of proper knowledge about this hoax pandemic. The truth needs to get out there.

Why not write to your own MP or MS? We have prepared a template that you can use, which will make the task much easier for you – our government ministers need to know what you think. Your children need to be rescued from this evil madness.


After writing the above article, but before publication we received a response to our recent request for clarification on the latest white rabbit that’s been pulled out of the hat from: Animal Disease Policy Branch, Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer, Welsh Government. We have now replied to that response.

To view the correspondence (Index No. 153) in our Correspondence Journal.

Here is further information:


NOTE: Some browsers don’t allow links to function in embedded PDF documents within web pages. If you have difficulty following the links in the above please

You should then be able to follow the links in the original PDF file.

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  1. You are a great man. Where you are in trying to solve all these problems going on in the world is very high level.
    It’s been six month’s now since I worked out everything. (the big one). This information for my own safety needs to get to my prime minister or someone with direct access. That’s my sole focus. It can be any responsible leader throughout the world as I assume they then have access to others.
    I haven’t worked this out yet and will spend a day contacting people I see as suitable to magically come together and finish what I started over 4 years ago now.
    The problems are far worse than you are aware of. Possibly even it’s too late to save humanity. This information though is very powerful though if it gets to the government.
    Everything nearly revolves around hiding the BIG ONE
    There is No conspiracy. It’s the same problem that humanity has always had. The last 20 years with the internet and phone gives that access to everyone the world over whilst hiding at the same time. And a system that protects the bad guy’s and attacks those who believe what information they consume when there is no opponent to report on the current reality.
    In my case, the amount of information is too big, the evidence is endless only matched by the cover up of the crime making belief some people reality and not interested in knowing different.
    I’m not looking for any believers, as I only have proof and evidence to show.
    All your concerns are covered, along with solving mental illness, Autism ADHD etc. Disorders, Psychopathy, How the bad guys communicate, abuse, child abuse, women abuse, manipulation, emotions, the Human SOUL right up to THE MEANING OF LIFE, What the daily 1 trillion webpages of needed each day since 2003 (biggest cost in history) are to cover up mostly the one thing there trying to hide… That the BIG ONe. everything else is more nothing.
    Good luck if you decide to make contact, then pick something of interest to you, can go through proof and evidence then on to help me with the little problem I mentioned earlier. There is a huge incentive both monetary and happiness there for anyone who wants it. I’m 24/7 available to anyone to look at proof and facts only

  2. Hi Gwynne,

    As you know I am defending an action in the Magistrates Court. I will shift the focus of the defence to now include Her Majesties Government has lost its authority to govern.

    This impacts the way in which cases are run.

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